Sharing truly is caring, and i love to share the brands/products i use and believe in.  anything shared here is someone or something i personally love, and believe in.  i may also receive a compensation if you choose to purchase through a link i share here.

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Not affiliated but shops/sites/artists I love and recommend:

Dean Couser Art  I adore his animal/insect water color painting and prints. He captures the essence, spirit and color of the beings.  Check out his shop on Etsy.  I bought a print of one of my animal spirits that  hangs above my desk for creative inspiration and a divine reminder. 

Jess Kay Designs Beautiful  (eco-conscious) jewelry and crystals. I love buying heart shaped rose quartz crystals from Jess to gift to my friends.

Grace Anchor For my birthday in 2016 we purchased my beautiful labradorite pendant from Grace Anchor.  It is stunning as are their other elegant hand set semi-precious gemstone jewelry.