Virtual Assistant Services


Facebook Group Administration

Social Media Management 

Posting to Facebook groups and pages as your admin.  This can include creating and posting graphics made in Canva, creating content or using content created by you. Monitoring and following up with all comments, inquiries etc. on your behalf, forwarding any that require your personal reply. 

Responses are thoughtful, compassionate,  personalized and on brand.  Research is done as needed.  I keep a template of most asked questions and responses so I can answer them over and over, so you don’t have to.  You tell me once, I tell your clients as often as is needed to be sure they are clear and they understand and feel seen, heard and appreciated in a way that is personalized respectful and considerate. 

This service can be extremely useful for one-off events like launches;  when your regular VA needs additional help or support, or is on-vacation; weekly office hours for a Facebook group or program you offer; or an ongoing basis that can be customized to fit your needs.


Email Response/Replies 

Would you like more than an auto-responder reply in response to your email inquiries from new and existing clients? Especially during your time-sensitive launches of new products and services when you're just too busy to get back to every inquiry?

A personal touch that is on brand with a similar look and feel to how you would write to your clients yourself but from someone representing you, but not replacing you.  

I write as myself, not as a ghostwriter for you, as I feel this brings more integrity and trust to your clients to know I’m a trusted appointee of yours.


Basic Design

Creating or editing graphics for social media in Canva.  

Experience with Photoshop and Gimp as well. 

Here is a design I created in Canva using photographs I took myself and made into an oracle card deck called Mountain Magic Oracle deck that I also made using Canva.



Blogs, copywriting, bios, pages, dating profiles, reviews/testimonials, love letters, resumes and cover letters.  Check out my blog for some examples of my personal style. 


Website updating

Wordpress and Squarespace Only.
Add/remove any verbiage/content regarding any new/old programs/content, revising/rewriting content,  make minor changes, add or take away graphics/photo.

Proof-read existing content, make minor design changes.


Program/Services/Launch Support

Thoughtful, detailed, personalized, compassionate and on-brand inquiry response via email or Facebook to all client questions regarding your programs or services.

Research when needed. I learn your program or services inside and out, and match your energy and brand to offer extraordinary responses to cultivate, nurture relationships with your clients; including any customer service or quality control related issues.

This can be very helpful for providing on-going support for your clients. This can be used as an "office hours" package where I can be available live for a block of hours on set days/times.  Advance notice is required for any live office hours services.


Proofreading & Editing 

Blog posts, email launch sequences, emails, newsletters, promotional/marketing materials, social media posts.
Up to 4000 words each.

Proofread for spelling errors, punctuation, grammar, duplicated words, comprehension, formatting.  


If you'd like more information or to schedule a call with me, please email me at: