Client Happiness Specialist

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Relationships in every form are my passion! 


That’s  why I became a Relationship Alchemist & Love Coach.

Helping and supporting others lights me up!

I am excited to share that I have expanded my services to include Client Happiness Specialist and Virtual Administrative Services.

Giving your customers and clients extraordinary customer service, satisfaction, and most of all happiness is a huge priority that can take a lot of time and energy you may not have to give.

As entrepreneurs you have a very full plate and are juggling many balls in the air at any one time.

You're busy creating digital programs, working 1:1 with your fabulous clients, or hosting retreats or masterminds (maybe all at the same time!) That's just what you're doing in your business not to mention all the balls you’re juggling at home too!

You know it's wise to outsource things that are not your zone of genius, or that you don't have the time or energy to do, or that your talents could be better utilized in another area of your business.  

What if every email, questionnaire or phone call as well as comments, and posts on Facebook pages, or Facebook groups that you receive from one of your current or prospective clients; was answered and returned within a reliable window of time; in a professional, happy, positive, thoughtful and helpful manner by someone whose number #1 priority is you and your client's happiness?

What would it be like to have stellar, dedicated, client happiness service and support for one (or more) of your digital products or services?

Someone who would learn the product inside and out and would offer help, and support for that product to your clients virtually (even hand-holding when needed in a loving, supportive,and empowering way.)

Can you imagine the time and energy you'd save and the peace of mind you'd have, knowing your clients are receiving reliable, consistent, loving, compassionate and authentic responses to their inquiries, any possible issues, questions or comments, from someone you can trust to take exquisite care of them?

All while you're busy working on something else or spending time with your family, enjoying some down time or maybe you’re out doing something fun!

It is my intention to work with and collaborate with other multi-passionate, creative, spiritual, heart-centered coaches, healers and entrepreneurs.

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