The Kreative Kadence Community Code of Conduct

(Say that three times fast! LOL!! What a mouthful!)


Welcome Kreative!

We are all here to "grow into our greatness together". Together we are stronger and more powerful than alone.

I believe in the power and strength of community. Some of us don't have in person communities where we live so our online communities are extremely valuable and important to us.


I believe fully in cooperation not competition.


As one of my dear mentors says, "A rising tide lifts all boats."


The more each one of us succeed, the more we all succeed and this world becomes a better, more loving and beautiful place.


Please be kind and compassionate and supportive..


Negativity of any kind is not welcome or tolerated.


Respect one another's privacy, please do not take anything from the group (memes, quotes, ideas, comments/posts etc.)without permission from the creator.


Feel free to share/promote your business and the businesses of others in your network that may be of service to members of our community.  This may change in the future if it becomes a problem, but for now promotion posts are welcome. However....


Please be respectful and not spammy! If you've never interacted in the group and we don't know you we'd rather you not offer us your sales pitch as our first interaction, buy us a drink first, right?!


Please participate, and give more than you take.


If you don't want to participate that's okay, but please note I may remove anyone who has not interacted in anyway at all (such as at least viewing the posts) in the group in more than 2 months to honor the energy and sacred space we are building here.


If you get removed, please know you're always welcome back as long as you aren't removed for inappropriate behavior.

This group is evolving as my business and focus as a coach evolves, and if it no longer resonates with you, that's okay! Feel free to leave at anytime.

Know if you leave, the door is open if you decide to come back.


I'm so happy you're here.


Thank you for being a part of our community!


If you have any questions or want to contact me directly, please email me at I respond to emails within 24-48 hours Monday through Thursday.


In love, light, and magic,