My Dream Team

None of us are in this alone, and I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for the incredible tribe of mentors, influencers, coaches, colleagues, and friends who blazed the trail before me and those who have held my hand and supported me on my personal journey as an entrepreneur, Relationship Alchemist and Love, Life, and Success Coach. 

I truly believe a rising tide lifts all boats, and we are all in this together.  We uplift one another and in doing so eliminate competition (there's more than enough for everyone) and we make this world a better place.

When you shine, I shine, and the world becomes a brighter place. 

I share what I love. 

I am honored to share my DREAM TEAM with you.


Tim Ferris

If you haven't read his book the 4 Hour Workweek, you've gotta read it. Reading this book is what started it all for me on my path to realizing my dream of being a life coach.  

I hadn't been able to make fitting into the traditional corporate world work for me, and after having far too many odd jobs from the time I was 16 years old (I had to try everything on this journey to figure out where I fit in) and several "failed" entreprenuerial ventures turned learning lessons this book helped me get a vision of what was possible.

 The 4 Hour Workweek helped me see that it was possible to work less and earn more.  It inspired me to know that I didn't have to suffer through the soul numbing drudgery that was typical work-day for me.  

This book helped me see there was a way and though I still had many steps and many years before achieving my dream, this book was the critical first official step on that path that lead me to where I am today. 


Kris Carr

I began my journey towards health and wellness in 2009 and discovered the Crazy Sexy  Kris Carr. She is a true wellness warrior and a super adorable unicorn loving, green smoothie making, goddess. 

She inspired me on the path I'm still living today, and I'm proud to say I ate entirely plant-based for 9 years, and was completely vegan for 5 of those 9 years. I still eat a health-focused, primarly plant-based diet, and am now gluten-free as well.

Her card deck, Crazy Sexy Love Notes was the first oracle deck I ever purchased. It is still one of my absolute favorites with its beautiful, colorful, uplifting images and inspiring quotes.  I now own several Tarot decks and many oracle card decks and even created an oracle card deck of my own, Mountain Magic Oracle, based upon the state I love, Utah.


 Marie Forleo

Marie is my mentor and guiding light.  I started following her sometime around 2013.  I found her website and saw both Kris Carr and Tim Ferris had left testimonials about her, and I started watching her youtube videos and literally everything 'Marie Forleo' I could get my hands on!

Check out her weekly videos Q&A Tuesday on her blog. 

I would not be living the life of my dreams, nor have the beautiful community and many of the friends, mentors, and colleagues I have today, if it weren't for her, her courage, and her amazing program B-School.  I'm a proud graduate and alumni of B-school 2015.  If you're interested in B-school, consider signing up through Kate Northrup and Mike Watts. Keep reading! 


Kate Northrup & Mike Watts

 I started following Kate Northrup, and read her book which I highly recommend Money: A love story. ( I've read it several times now and I learn something new each time)  Kate and Mike's authentic energy and connection attracted me and I knew without a doubt I wanted to sign up with B-school through them. Their B-school community is amazing and I have made many meaningful connections there.

B-school enrollment is only once a year so be sure to get on their list if you're interested in joining B-school through them as well.  Kate Northrup B-school affiliate sign up link.  

I had the pleasure of attending their live B-school event August 2015, and met both Kate and Mike in person, as well as many other members of our community. It was a life-changing experience for me and I'm forever grateful.

Me and Kate Northrup, Make a Life Not Just a Living, Live Event, Portland Maine, August 2015

Me and Kate Northrup, Make a Life Not Just a Living, Live Event, Portland Maine, August 2015


Gina Nicole

2015 Kate Northrup B-school alum, Angel Intuitive and Feng Shui Practitioner.  I was gifted the  most incredible opportunity to participate in Gina Nicole's digital program, Feng Shui for Health and Spiritual Practitioners.  

This program helped me zone in on my energetic color signature, which turns out is also my business brand colors (purple, orange/coral, magenta, silver, teal, white, and black).  I used this program to transform my bedroom which also doubles as my office into a beautiful, feminine, comforting and divine place to nurture my inner child, create, as well as a peaceful space to rest.

I've also applied these principles to all areas of my home as I have been able to and the energetic shift has been positive and powerful.  

Gina is a lovely guide with her gentle, intuitive ways as she nurtures you through the program with positivity and support.   Find out more about her on her website:

Check out my personal pinterest board to get a visual feel of my energetic color signature.  


Kathleen Ventura:  I met Kathleen through Kate Northrup's B-school Facebook group.  She is a 2014 Graduate, and I'm a 2015 Graduate.  

B-school helped me create the foundation of my life as an online entrepreneur, but I was still lost a new coach. I didn't know how to reach my ideal clients, how to create and price coaching packages. Kathleen Ventura's program Start Your Coaching Practice  (which is now only available 1x a year) helped me with all of this and so much more.  (Check out my testimonial for the program on the Start Your Coaching Practice link above!)

Her program helps new coaches lay down the foundation for coaching offerings, and even offers a training on how to run your first Facebook ad! 

It was in Kathleen's Facebook group which at the time was called Freedom Seekers and was aimed at women that were beginning entrepreneurial careers such as coaching that I made many dear friends and connected with my first official paid coaching client!  

I was privileged to be a guest on Kathleen's webinar talking about Start Your Coaching Program in November 2015.  Check out the graphic below! 


Samantha Johnston, Neapolitan Creative

Samantha was my very first business coach I hired that helped me navigate discovering my coaching niche (which has since changed several times over the years).  She held me accountable, offered great action steps for me, objective insights, and clarity that were truly invaluable to me as a new coach.   

Her support was one of the best investments I made.  I truly believe that all coaches should have coaches and I'm so grateful she and I worked together during that rocky early stage in my coaching practice. 

She helped me create a solid foundation for my business I have built on ever since.  She has since moved away from business coaching to her passion and niche, helping women business owners have a brand that reflects their business purpose and as it says on her website their heart's calling. Check out the incredible programs she offer over at Neapolitan Creative. 

Coming soon! More members of my dream team! 

Brendon Burchard

Lewis Howes

Nicole Marie, Create with Soul

Stasha Washburn, Your Business Your Flow

Alison Sherwood, Soulful Mind & Body

Amanda Frances, Spiritual Bad Ass Boss Lady