Oracle & Tarot Reading PDF

I offer private, personal, intuitive, Oracle/Tarot readings in a pdf format, with beautiful color photos of each card in your reading and my interpretation and intuitive insights. I have been reading oracle and tarot cards since 2016 and love the inspired guidance and insights to help and support you navigate life's often times turbulent waters.

How I do each reading:

I create a calm, centered space, and choose three or four cards for you, from any combination of my beautiful decks I feel called to use (see my list of cards I read from and examples below). I ask the universe/higher power/God (insert your wording that best resonates for you here depending on your own beliefs) to provide the guidance that will be for your highest and best good.

If you have specific question you would like guidance for, I will ask that question as well. I hold space for you and allow the universe to provide guidance for whatever is most useful for you and trust my intuition to guide me as to which card to pick.

I then interpret the cards for you and put togehter your personalized private reading.

My clients have found the insights and guidance in their personal readings very useful to refer back to the readings again and again.

Below are links to actual (but slightly modified) readings I’ve done for clients. Your reading will look similar to this.

Three card full moon reading for a client. Click here or the image below for the pdf:

Be sure to check out my oracle/tarot archive, for more examples of my style of readings (some of my earlier posts have voice recordings as well).

How it works:

Once I receive your payment I will carve out time for your reading and create your pdf.

*Please allow me 7 days from receipt of your payment to send you your pdf of your reading.

Oracle/Tarot Reading PDF
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The  oracle and tarot decks I use for these readings may include three cards from any of the following card decks: 

The Wild Unknown Tarot, by Kim Krans

The Witches Tarot, by Ellen Cannon Reed and Martin Cannon

Crazy Sexy Love Notes, by Kris Carr

The Color Oracle, by Bernard Charles The Color Mage

The Animal Spirit deck also by Kim Krans gifted to me by my intuitively talented friend oracle and tarot card reader, and medium, Shelby.

AND Mountain Magic Oracle, designed and created by yours truly, Kadee Clark, Relationship Alchemist.


The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck by Kim Krans


You can click on the photos below to go the detailed post (and recording if available) of the readings.


A reading I did below using the The Wild Unknown, The Color Oracle, and Crazy Sexy Love Notes

A reading I did below using The Witches Tarot, The Color Oracle and Crazy Sexy Love Notes.

A four card reading I did using The Wild Unknown, Crazy Sexy Love Notes, The Witches Tarot, and The Color Oracle.

A classic combination that I enjoy using, The Color Oracle, The Wild Unknown and Crazy Sexy Love Notes.

I just love how all these decks play together and the colors are so vibrant and beautiful!

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