Tarot, Color Reading & Intuitive Insights 09-16-2016

Hello Kreatives!

Hello Autumn! Where has the time gone?! It seems summer just arrived and now we are already in September. The energies shifted from summer energy to that of autumn for me on August 2nd. I could literally feel the change in the air. (Who says Florida doesn't have 4 seasons? We absolutely do!)

This is a powerful month, we already had one lunar event and are currently in Mercury Retrograde again, and today is the full moon in Pisces and a lunar eclipse! Get your bloodstones out to help support you through. I got mine out with the advice of One Body Wellness and Metaphysics. 

For more astrological guidance for your week and month ahead check out your astrological forecasts from The Astrowtwins and this great video from Kari Samuels

The message that came up for me this month/Mercury Retrograde is one of forgiveness and letting go. I have been holding on to guilt, shame and regret over choices I made as a child. My intuition has gently but firmly guided me that now is the time to let go of all that.

It's also time for you to do the same. It's time for us to let go of anything that is holding us back. What beliefs are you holding on to that are keeping you from having what you want in your life? Now is the time to gently release them with love. Thank them for the lessons they taught you. Forgive yourself.

You have suffered enough. You're suffering doesn't serve you or anyone else. It's time to move on.

Our Tarot & Color Reading

Tarot Cards from The Wild Unknown Deck by Kim Krans. Color Cards from The Color Mage Oracle by Bernard Charles. 

The Magician, 2 of Swords and Damascus.

The Magician

I adore this rendition of The Magician. This lovely feline magician appears to be a leopard with an infinity sign, whose paws are upon the pentacles, and all four suits are present the swords, the cups as well as the wand. It appears there is light and color from the sun shining. The leopard gazes behind her, perhaps taking one last look at all she's leaving behind.

This card represents actions, and all four suits, as well as four elements are represented here. It's time to take action, and go full force. Let nothing and no one slow you down or stop you. It's time to realize your full potential. Take all the brilliant ideas that have been in your mind and dreams, make a plan and take that first step. The moment of the Magician card will push you forward, but you must take the first step and commit to go, go, go. You got this!!!

Be mindful that it is Mercury Retrograde so take extra precautions with all major decisions you make right now, as you may have a change of heart later. Also double check and backup all technology, and travel plans. Our recent trip to Indialantic for my husband's birthday was foiled a bit by the first hurricane of the season. After a summer without our usual daily storms, it was quite a surprise that the first and only time we've tried to go out of town, the tropical storm hits.

Mercury Retrograde, you never know how it could affect you but one thing is for sure it isn't going to stop you.

Even if you learn something different along the way or change your mind, that's okay. We learn by doing, by taking action. It really is the only way to know if something will or won't work for you, is to do it.

So go, and do with the power and magic of the Magician card.

Two of Swords--The Stalemate

Yikes---this is an interesting card to get at a time when we are feeling so much momentum to move forward but I feel it is an accurate reflection of the powerful energies at work in the universe right now.

Push and pull right? Back and forth you feel pulled in one direction while simultaneously being pulled in the opposite direction.

Mercury Retrograde reminds us to re-evaluate everything we are doing and if we are to move forward in action to realize our full potential with the Magician card, we are bound to experience some obstacles in our way when it comes to decision making with the 2 of swords showing up.

This may reflect life, business or a relationship that is experiencing this “stalemate” of sorts, where you cannot move forward and perhaps feel stuck. Is it possible you are stuck because there is a choice or decision you know needs to be made, or a situation that must be faced, but you're unwilling to do so?

If you want to move forward you are going to have to face what you've been unwilling to face no matter how much you don't want to.

You may be surprised that the outcome you've been avoiding may not be as bad as you thought, and by facing it not only can you move forward, you'll be freed from the hold it has had over you.

I feel this is connected to the messages of forgiveness and letting go as well. Is there some part of you still holding onto something you just can't forgive yourself for? If so, know that it is likely holding you back and creating this stagnation in your life. You can't move forward into you next progression until you face it.

You have the courage to let go and let the energy of the magician push you forward to face your fears, forgive yourself and MOVE forward by taking action. Go and do!

Damascus--Self Love

What a beautiful word and color it's sort of a rosy red. To be honest I thought this was the name of a flower and intuition guided me to look it up. I'm glad I did. I stumbled upon this lovely introduction where Damascus is described as paradise, and the world's oldest, continually inhabited city. Sounds very magical.

Damascus reminds us of self-love.

Self-love is the key to everything in our lives We must love ourselves first before we can truly, fully love anyone else, or receive love in return.

Have you ever experienced receiving love from someone and not feeling worthy of that love? YOU ARE worthy of that love, and you must believe it. In order to do so you must love yourself. How do we do this in a society that rewards selflessness and self-sacrifice and we are taught that it selfish, or worse conceited or arrogant to “love ourselves”. However, self-love is not conceit or arrogance, and to be selfish means doing something yourself at the expense of others.

Self-love is never at the expense of someone else, including yourself. Self love was first taught to me by an old friend who said I should put an oxygen mask on myself before putting it on someone else. I didn't really understand the metaphor at that time.

It wasn't until much later that I realized she was trying to teach me about self-love and how by not putting my own oxygen mask on first, I would deplete myself quickly and be of little to no use to anyone else. In an actual plane crash, you could even die before you could help others if you don't put that mask on first! This is a very real and frightening metaphor but it really helps drive home just how important self-care and self-love are.

We must treat it like we're on the plane and it's going down. It is really that important. As one of my beloved mentors Marie Forleo says: Make it “Non-Negotiable Time” or NNT and put self-love and self-care rituals on your calendar.

Self-love is especially important when moving at the kinds of speeds the leopard as magician does in taking action in your life. If you move too fast without taking some time to slow down, to rest, to turn inwards, to contemplate, you will burn out (believe me, I know from experience, I burned myself out at this very time last year and it took me months to recover!) Don't make the same mistake I did!

Have you ever been so busy taking care of someone else you forgot to eat a meal yourself? I've been guilty of this too many times to count. NNT self-love and self-care time can be as simple as scheduling your meals so that no matter how busy you are, you make sure your needs are being met, whether they are basic needs like food, or something deeper like a need you're not getting met in a relationship.

You are deserving of self-love and once you really get that, and experience it, the love you give yourself with become like the rays of the sun and will naturally radiate outside of you.

So if you really want to love someone else, you have to love you.

What are you going to do to show yourself some loving kindness this month during this Mercury Retrograde and with the intensity of 2 lunar events and the Magician and 2 of swords cards?

Share in the comments below and be sure to schedule it in your calendar as NNT (Non-Negotiable Time!)

Self-care should be as important as everything we else do for survival, because it's so deeply connected to it.

Until next time,

Love, light & magic



Does this reading resonate with you?  I always love to hear from you. Feel free to ask any questions and discuss in the comments below.  Your question might be exactly what someone else needs to hear.

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Tarot & Color Insights 7-19-2016

Tarot Cards, The Star and The Chariot from The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck by Kim Krans.  

Our Color Inspiration & Magic:  Imperial! from The Color Mage Oracle by Bernard Charles. 


Hello Kreative!

How have the last two weeks been treating you? I'd love to hear how our last reading showed up in your life

Did you channel the father archetype in your life, experience something new while wearing the color green? Enjoy some crisp, tart, green apples perhaps?

It's been a challenging time for a lot of us with the tragedies happening, one after another, politics are heated, and people's fears are strong right now.

Yesterday was especially challenging for me personally as the energy of the Capricorn full moon began to affect me (I'm a Capricorn myself, January 6th). I was incredibly sensitive and emotional and cried, a lot.

It can be easy to feel down and lose sight of the bigger picture, that we are all connected, we are all one. Focus on what you can do, not what you can't. Don't fall into despair, depression or hopelessness.

In spite of these tragedies, there is so much good in this world, so much love and peace exists as well, if we let it. It starts with us, it starts with our hearts. As Ghandi said:

Be the change.

We always have the power to choose.

Choose love. Always.   


Tonight's a great time to charge up your crystals in this moonlight, and to reflect not only on how far you've come since the last Capricorn full moon (which was January 9th) but also to set intentions for what comes next for you. Revel in your success sweetheart because your success is sweet indeed, you've earned it, and I have a feeling you've achieved more than you realize you have! It's time to take note and be grateful. I felt this come up strong yesterday so I busted out my gratitude journal and started writing.

I have yet to uncover all I've accomplished so far this year, but I look forward to seeing it once I'm done.


Raven update---he's grown a lot, still sweet as ever.  I love how much he's filled out, no more bones poking out, and his fur has grown in nice and thick.   It's his anniversary today.  He adopted us one month ago and has been bringing joy to our hearts ever since. 


The Star

The Star was the first card to appear in our reading this week, and intuitively it is speaking to me of our intuition.

Just like a compass will always lead you to your True North, your heart, your intuition will always guide your personal truth, like the North Star in the night sky leading you home.

Trust yourself. You already have the answers you seek.

From The Wild Unknown guidebook, this card is about connecting to the part of yourself that is hopeful. I also sense a sort of mystery, the unlimited possibilities waiting for us in the cosmos, there is so much we don't know, and isn't that exciting not to know sometimes?

Also, you are a superstar! A divine message for some self-love and a reminder of your own divinity.

This song came to mind. “If you are what you say you are, a superstar, then have no fear,” Lupe Fiasco ft. Matthew Santos.

Have  no fear superstar. It's your time to shine.



Imperial: Sovereignty

Seems fitting to receive this card, after last week's reading when we received our first card The Emperor, as Imperial is kind of all about empires and/or emperors and great power. Purple has long been seen as the color of royalty but also of spirit. It is considered one of the most spiritual colors.

You are royalty.  You are divine.  How will you use your powers for good for yourself and others? Remember, be the change, and remember you always have a choice.


The Chariot

Ahh, yes. The Chariot.  A powerful force to be reckoned with.  

By acting on your intuition, powerful, magical changes are happening. This card is a reminder of our true nature/self, and our ability to succeed. 

Turn inward, trusting you have the answers you seek, that all changes will be beneficial for you. Take time to yourself to be contemplative, calculated and then with powerful force move forward with confidence.

It's time to revel in the triumph of all you've achieved and created.  Relish your success. Take this momentum as you embrace the changes in front of you trusting in the outcome.

Recognize how far you've come.
Be grateful you've arrived and that there's still more to come.


Love, light and magic to you always.

Until next time.



Does this reading resonate with you?  I always love to hear from you. Feel free to ask any questions and discuss in the comments below.  Your question might be exactly what someone else needs to hear.

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Please email me if you'd like more information or if you're interested in a private, personalized tarot/oracle reading with me: kadee@kadeeclark.com

Tarot, Color & Intuitive Insights 7-5-2016


Hello courageous, kreative, spiritual adventurer!

Hard to believe it's been two weeks since our last reading. In some ways time is going by slower than ever because I'm making the effort to be truly present each moment lasts longer and I'm fully savoring it, but it also seems to fly by when I look back on it and I'm astonished at where the time has gone.

My son's already been back in Utah almost a month and it seems like just yesterday I was driving him to the airport.

Time is a fascinating illusion.

We've been enjoy watching Raven grow up right before our eyes. It seems like he has doubled in size on the two weeks he's been bringing so much joy, laughter and love into our lives. He is unbelievably smart for his age, I'm always being blown away not only by his cuteness but by his intelligence and of course what could be a cuter than a kitten when he plays? Not much I'll tell you! I heart kitties (even when they're all grown up,  I heart big kitties, too!)

Raven, approximately 10 weeks.

Raven, approximately 10 weeks.

He's growing so fast and filling out nicely. He loves my bed.

He's growing so fast and filling out nicely. He loves my bed.

How was your holiday weekend for those of you celebrating Independence Day? Did you set any intentions with the full moon in Cancer yesterday?

On Sunday, I went to one of my favorite places here in Flagler county (where I live) for a beautiful picnic and brunch.

The sky was so incredibly beautiful. It was really hot outside so I'm glad I got an early start to enjoy some time relaxing in nature before I headed back home to retreat from the humidity and heat, and snuggle with my fur babies (in front of the T.V. in the air conditioning.)

I am very thankful for air conditioning on these hot summer days in Florida.

Flagler County Florida

Flagler County Florida


The Emperor, a father-figure, the male aspect to the Empress card which represents the female aspect. The Emperor is yang energy to the Empresses yin. This father-figure can be a literal person in your life or those aspects in yourself.

In this card The Emperor is a stoic, tall, tree (I feel he is an evergreen tree) extending into the heavens where the sun shines down upon him.

What do you think of when you think of a strong male role model? If you didn't have a strong male role model in your life feel free to draw from your imagination of how you would like one to be or from a novel, television show, or movie.

One of my favorite male role model's from television is the fictional character Tony Micelli from Who's the Boss? Played by Tony Danza.

Tony Micelli's character is a single dad raising a young daughter on his own and a former professional athlete who becomes a live-in housekeeper for a successful advertising executive Angela Bowers (played by Judith Light.)

I grew up watching this show, and Tony Micelli's exemplifies a strong, reliable male role model and father figure. He was protective (sometimes too overprotective) but at the end of the day he was strong, reliable, and always there for his daughter Samantha (played by Alyssa Milano.)

Micelli was loving, upbeat, positive, fun-loving, energetic and always seemed to look on the bright side in any situation. He had a great smile that could light up a room and always seemed to know how to cheer someone up that was feeling down. He's the kind of guy I'd want in my corner!

(Sidenote: I also loved that in this show they challenged gender stereotypes, a man as a live-in housekeeper to a woman who was the “bread-winner.” It was very progressive for the time!)

Bring the energy of the father-figure, The Emperor into your life. You are strong, practical, stable and clear and know what actions to take next.  You have the ambition and determination to take those actions to bring forth your visions into reality. You are strong, reliable and can see your vision through.

This card represents your power, your ability to have a strong foundation for yourself and your life and achieve success. This can apply to your business or your home and family.


Bright, happy green just like a tiny sprout of life as a plant emerges from it's seed and pushes harder and harder upwards against gravity until it finally breaks through and begins reaching towards the sun.

This sprout is where the big beautiful tree that is the Emperor began. Hard to believe something so huge like a redwood tree, starts as a tiny seed.

Learn something new. Stretch yourself outside your comfort zone. What is something you've wanted to learn for a long time but haven't given yourself permission to go and do it?

Maybe it's taking cooking lesson, learning a foreign language, scuba diving, whatever has been in your heart or on your mind to learn to do, now's the time. Make it happen.

You never know what doors this can open for you. New adventures, friendships, community and for those of you out there seeking a partner to share this life with, perhaps you may meet that special someone while learning what could become your favorite new hobby! Get out there and enjoy life!

There is so much to learn.  Be like that tiny sprout pushing through the earth, you too are an unstoppable force! Most importantly have fun! Learning doesn't have to be hard or boring so make sure to get out of your head if these kind of thoughts are bringing you down.

Embrace this color in your life as you start learning something new, it will support you through the process. Wear this color in your clothes or make-up, eat this color, I'm getting the feeling something mint flavored would be nice and also refreshing this time of year. (Turns out mint goes great with watermelon. Who knew?! I didn't until now This is now one of my absolute favorite new summer recipes. )

Green is also the color of the heart chakra so let this color be a reminder to use your heart not your head if you decisions become difficult or find yourself overwhelmed with what I refer to as paradox of choice (too many choices essentially make you paralyzed to make a decision.)

This used to happen to me a lot, and if it starts to happen again taking a moment to tune into my heart, allows my intuition to guide to what decision I should make.  Now decisions are much, much easier for me. No more paradox of choice.


This reading is about family energy and growth. First with The Emperor and his strong male energy, this time the daughter and a softer, youthful feminine energy.

The cups are the suit of emotions and relationships. The cups are ruled by the element of water. This seems highly appropriate after the full moon in Cancer yesterday, and this month is Cancer, and Cancer is a water sign. Water tends to feel very feminine to me which resonates with the emotional nature of the cups cards as well, especially in this case as it is the daughter.

I grew up in the desert, not completely away from water, I had a view of the Great Salt Lake from my bedroom window—but now I live surrounded by water, the Atlantic and Gulf oceans as well as springs and we even have a creek behind the house and two ponds we can see at the park on the property behind ours.

A friend and fellow coach Claudia Anita asked once on Facebook if where we lived felt more masculine or feminine and why? There was no wrong answers, and I shared that it felt feminine here where I live due to all the water.

Does water feel masculine or feminine to you?

This card represents a little gosling, (or a chick, duckling) young, tender and delicate. The spark of creativity shines brightly within her. Her future is ripe with possibilities but conflicts will prove difficult for her. Approach conflict with kindness and compassion, to inspire others to do the same. Keep in mind being objective and empathize with the other person's point of view.

Choose gentleness, for yourself and others as you move forward in your endeavors, and your personal journey of growth and development. Like a gosling or a sprout, you are ready to grow and become your stronger and higher version of yourself. Enjoy the journey along the way! Like the saying goes, life is a journey not a destination.


Love, light and magic to you always.

Until next time.


Does this reading resonate with you?  I always love to hear from you. Feel free to ask any questions and discuss in the comments below.  Your question might be exactly what someone else needs to hear.

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Weekly Oracle/Tarot Reading & Intuitive Insights for 6-21-2016 to 7-5- 2016

This week's reading: Ten of Pentacles, Wise Owl and You are awesome.

I'm excited about our reading for the next couple of weeks. With the busyness (and sometimes restfulness) of summer I may only be updating bi-weekly. I'm working on several projects right now as well as taking time away from work to spend with my family during these long magical, summer days.

My apologies our reading is late this week Kreatives!

How was your summer solstice and full moon? Did you charge your crystals? I did! I enjoyed the most glorious staycation with my husband last week, cuddling, snuggling and loving on our newest addition to our family. We also had the opportunity to meet a dear online friend of mine and her sweet husband in person for the first time ever. I bought a new crystal that I charged in the solstice moonlight. It has been an amazing week.

My hubby and I had plans to go on a trip to West Florida this weekend, but finances dictated it was best to reschedule some time in the future. We then decided to do a camping trip here locally, but turns out the weather wasn't going to cooperate, 100% chance rain on Saturday and 80% on Sunday and to top it off the spot we wanted wasn't available, it was clear to us it wasn't meant to be so we canceled those plans as well.

We opted instead to have a much needed and well deserved staycation at home. At first we had planned on doing some projects that we needed to do but I've been having some mysterious health challenges the past few months that had gotten particularly difficult the weekend before so we we decided that some R&R would be good for us both.

Friday night the beginning of our staycation, my husband and I took a path we don't usually walk just around sunset, about 8:00 p.m. Just as we came around the corner of a busy intersection and passed one long-term vacant house (it's been vacant over three years now) and approached the empty lot next to it, a tiny kitten popped out of the woods in response to our voices.

Seeing him literally took my breathe away. He was so tiny and cute. He came up to us, but not quite close enough we could touch him. I walked further away from the busy street as he seemed to respond to my voice and try to follow me.

It only took a moment of talking to him before he came close enough to let me touch him. He then rolled onto his back and let me rub his tiny tummy. From there he stayed near me and allowed me to pick him up. I was a little afraid to pick him up for fear he might get scared and scratch or bite me, but instead he he became limp in my hands and purred with the loudest purr I think I've ever heard on a kitten.

The moment he was in my arms, I knew I could not leave him there. He snuggled me while I carried him on our busy street to our home.

We took this little guy home intending to feed, care for and foster him until we could find him a new home. He is too thin, his tiny bones stick out and he was so terribly hungry (he will never be hungry again.) He is covered in scars, but he is smart (he chose us after all) and he is a survivor! We have no idea how long he's been living in that abandoned lot or how he got there. We think he was about 8 weeks old.

We had decided we weren't going to have any more pets as we already have 3 cats and 1 dog, but it seems the universe had other plans. Side note: I have always wanted a black cat, so I find it fascinating this little guy is a mostly black cat!

It was apparent to us immediately that he was meant to be with us, this little guy wasn't going anywhere. He adores both my husband and me and has quickly made himself at home here. He has completely stolen our hearts and has made us so happy. We enjoyed our long weekend with lots of kitty cuddles, snuggles and laughter. We are so grateful he has come into our lives.

Now if our other furbabies will come around. So far our sweet eldest kitty Sushi (she's 11) has accepted his presence here peacefully but they are not exactly “friends” yet, and our twins (6) and our dog (7) not so much. S'Bastian is afraid of him (he's such a silly cat!) Rogue our alpha female wants to kill him, and my dog Naiyah switches between curiosity, fear, and wanting to hunt him! Oh boy!

With patience, time and proper (and safe) introductions we know they will come around in time. There is room here for us all and he's here to stay. We're thrilled to have him as part of our family.  

Introducing: Raven


What a cozy looking castle?! That loving, royal looking couple appears very content on this perfect spring day, surrounded by flowers, beautiful blue skies and fluffy clouds as hand in hand the lovers approach their home. This card speaks to me of stability, the comforts of home, and the satisfaction that comes with having earned something substantial and meaningful. In our society owning a home is is something that takes a lot of time, patience, work, planning, earning and savings. This card represents abundance, and security as well as having earned or created something substantial and meaningful, this is your legacy metaphorically or literally and just like a home (which is our castle) that can be our legacy to leave behind for future generations.


Deep, dark purple. The color of royalty, and of spirit, intuition, wisdom and inner knowledge. Be mindful of this color in your life right now to serve and support you as you celebrate creating and achieving your legacy. Stay tuned to the higher power and purpose behind your actions. Blueberries inside appear to me to be dark purple, grapes (especially dark purple grape juice.) Wear the color anyway that resonates with you. I have several dark purple decorations I keep near my bed as I love this color (one of my favorites) and like to keep it close. Also crystals—dark purple amethyst is always a good crystal to have around especially when Wise Owl comes up in a reading. I have my favorite new crystal freshly charged from the summer solstice full moon. This is also a great crystal to wear, you can't go wrong with amethyst.  


Well this card speaks for itself doesn't it? And it is SO true! You are awesome. Make sure to really appreciate yourself these next couple of weeks. Indulge in self-care, and make it non-negotiable! Incorporating stay-cations into my life is now part of my divine self-care and is non-negotiable. My hubby and I didn't realize just how much we needed some time to just relax at home, without cleaning, chores, or projects until we did it. It felt great! Celebrate yourself, and all that you are. There is no one else on earth like you and the greatest gift you can give to yourself and this world is to be YOU.

Shine your light creative, by courageously shining your light, the divine spark that you are, you will inspire others to do the same. The world needs you.

Love, light and magic to you always.

Until next time.


Does this reading resonate with you?  I always love to hear from you. Feel free to ask any questions and discuss in the comments below.  Your question might be exactly what someone else needs to hear.

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Weekly Oracle/Tarot Reading & Intuitive Insights for 6-14-2016 to 6-21-2016

Hello Kreatives,

Welcome back to this sacred virtual space. Thank you for being here.

I'd like to start by taking a moment to honor the victims of senseless crimes all over the globe. Love is the antidote to hate and in these trying times when our brothers and sisters are taken from us, we must focus on love, compassion, and keep that spirit and energy with us as we face the challenges of those who would harm and oppress us. It is the only way. Hatred only begets more hatred, and if we choose hate, they win.

This attack in Orlando speaks to my own fears that this world, and this state I live in, this country I live in, is not a safe place for myself or others to be who we are. This was a hate crime, based on sexual orientation and race, as well as an act of domestic terrorism by the perpetrator.

My heart is absolutely broken for the victims of this horrific crime and for tragedies like this happening all over the world that do not even make the news.

Pray for peace. Keep love in your heart. Choose kindness and compassion. Be the change.

This week's reading: Ace of Swords reversed, Gold, Find your tribe.


The Ace of Swords is a positive card, even when reversed. This is a time of newness, a birth (metaphorical or literal) in your life, (we've had a birth in our family, my husband's niece made her debut on planet earth last week. Welcome little one!) This is a card of awakening and can cause some conflict at first as you move into this new state of awareness, but this conflict is all part of the process in your journey, one of many life lessons.

Your mind is sharp right now, and clear which will help guide you through the darkness like a lighthouse, and the world is indeed a dark place right now as we mourn and grieve collectively. Shine beautiful, shine your light brightly in the dark to inspire others to have the courage to do the same. After the darkest nights, always come brighter days. Justice, truth, and love will prevail.


Gold: Abundance, Abun dance

This color and energy has come up a lot for me today. Gold like the glowing color of the sun reminds us to shine through the darkness, to stay connected to our light.

At one of my earliest personal development trainings, about seventeen years ago, I was taught that “gratitude is they key to abundance.” I didn't really get what that meant fully at the time, but in the nearly two decades since that seed was planted, I have come to learn just how true this is, and what it means.

This beautiful video by David De Los Santos says, “#1 Express Gratitude. Never let the things you WANT make you forget about the things you HAVE.”

What I have experienced personally is that when I'm in a space of want, I lose sight of what I have. I find myself in a space of lack. Focusing on what we don't have can easily and quickly become a downward spiral, especially if we complain or gossip and involve others who may join us in this negativity.

The quickest way to turn this around is through gratitude, specifically a gratitude practice.

The easiest way, and what I personally did was start a gratitude journal. Write down 3-5 things you are grateful for every day. Anytime you feel like you have less than, or find yourself wanting, focus on what you have.

I've kept a gratitude journal for several years now. Doing this literally transformed my thinking.

Now anytime I find myself frustrated with wanting something I don't have, I immediately shift my focus to being grateful for what I do have. In case I forgot or I'm having a hard time remembering or seeing the blessings, I can refer back to my gratitude journal.
Gratitude is more than just saying thanks, it's much more than words, it's feeling thankful in our hearts.

We are all so blessed, with incredible abundance. Sometimes you just have to take a moment to notice.

Say a prayer of thanksgiving.

Abundance is your birthright.


Surround yourself with people who get you, who love you, uplift, support and encourage you and have the strength and courage to be there for you if the proverbial shit hits the fan. Always remember that you  are loved are NOT alone.

AND, just a little self- love reminder, always remember to give yourself the exquisite love, devotion and kindness that you give to others. Let go of expectations and truly love others as they are as well.

Bonus!!! I had the opportunity to meet with a friend and member of my online community in person today.  We had a fun adventure through our neighboring beach town which included discovering a magical used book store, and a super cool beachfront coffee shop.

We then explored her beautiful card deck, the Secret Language of Animal Oracle Cards: Endangered Voices of Mother Earth, by Chip Richards which is absolutely stunning (I put it on my Amazon wish-list!) at a picnic table near the beach. It was so fun to share in exploring this gorgeous deck together and seeing the messages that came up through each beautiful, colorful image.

This card: Black Cockatoo fit so perfectly with today's reading I had to add it to our post!

The message that came up for me is to have the confidence to live and communicate with honesty and kindness to cultivate meaningful relationships.

We learned black cockatoos mate for life and are excellent communicators. The male takes great care of his female partner while she sits on their eggs. They are fascinating and beautiful birds with a powerful message for us, whether it be romantic, friendships, or family relationships, they require mutual care-taking to be successful.

This card encourages us to not be so focused on our dreams that we lose sight of the fact that everyone has a dream, and to find out how we can be of support to others on their journey.

My friend shared that we should as how we can support those we love on their journey? How can we support them in achieving their dreams?

Don't be afraid to reach out and ask. If my friend hadn't reached out to me, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to share a magical day with her today and to receive this extra insight to share for our reading this week.

In love, light & magic today and always,




Does this reading resonate with you?  I always love to hear from you. Feel free to ask any questions and discuss in the comments below.  Your question might be exactly what someone else needs to hear.

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Weekly Oracle/Tarot Reading & Intuitive Insights for 6-7-2016 to 6-14-2016


This week's reading: Nine of Cups, Cornflower Blue, and Something bigger is on the way.


Boy am I glad to see you!! When I first saw this card come up, I was not terribly surprised to see a nine as nines tend to be the cards of completion. I've had a lot of completion in my life lately. I've said goodbye to patterns, old ways of operating and beliefs about myself that have been holding me back. It has not been an easy or painless process. In fact, the past nine months have been some of the most challenging, difficult and emotional in my entire life. This year also marks 9 years since I met and went on the first date with my amazing husband Hiram. Lots of nines coming up.

Just when I feel I'm getting my head above water, another wave comes crashing down on me before I can catch my breathe. Not unlike some times I've actually had out swimming in the ocean. It's exhausting to say the least. This is the upper limit, just when things are looking up for us self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors can rear their heads.

A great book that I found extremely useful when I first became aware of my upper limit issues is The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. In it this affirmation is particularly helpful and has served me and continues to serve me. “I expand in abundance, success and love everyday. As I inspire those around me to do the same.” Proverbial mic drop right? It's so simple, yet profound. May it, (and this book, read it, I highly recommend it if you are or have had any issues with upper limits) serve you.

The 9 of cups however is not about completion (unless your wish coming true is completion for you of course), it's about wishes coming true and this is why I'm so happy to see this card. Worries and fears are cast away now, and it is a time for peace and harmony. This card comes up for me like a genie in a bottle, when it shows up, your wishes are granted. I am feeling a great sense of peace and relief at seeing this card and it's meaning for us this week.

It's been a challenging time for a lot of us, and we get to let go of that, at least for now.

This card invites us to move past our limiting beliefs, as a dear friend of mine once said, a glass ceiling can be like water, we can move effortlessly through it. This is not the time of challenges or struggles this is the time for dreams come true. If you're still going through some upper limit challenges/issues like I am, visualize the glass ceiling as water above your head that you can easily move through into the sunshine and blue skies above you.

Open your arms, your mind and your heart to receive the blessings you deserve. The wish you've held in your heart is coming true.


Cornflower: stand up to the elements

This rings true as this morning as my son left for his walk to school we experienced an intense cloudburst. Being a protective momma bear worried about my cub getting completely drenched I jumped into the car and went after him. I couldn't find him even though he'd only left a few minutes before me.

I came home and received a text from him saying “don't worry about me, I'm fine,” He must have sensed I was worried. Just as my son,  a14 year old young man found a way to stand up to the elements today (and even had a change of clothes in his backpack) this color reminds us to stand up to the elements in our lives this week.

You are stronger than you know, and no matter what comes up for you, you have what it takes to get through it. Using this color energy of Cornflower blue in your clothing, food, surroundings, essential oils, jewelry and crystals will support you in standing up to whatever comes your way this week.


This beautiful message reminds us to dream big. I love the saying “play big or go home.” We are not here to play small, and as I like to say, playing small doesn't change the world. We are game-changers.

We are not satisfied with the status quo, we are here to live our dreams. Trust that even if you feel you've failed or things don't seem to be working out the way you wanted them to, the universe is always on your side conspiring to bring you what your heart desires.

As I told my son Jaiden today, things don't always work out the way we want them to, and they don't always look how we want, but we have to trust that everything will always work out and in the end we are being lead and supported on our life's journey to the destination we may not even fully realize we want.

Have you ever discovered after something you thought was a failure that an even better opportunity came up later? It is true that when one door closes another opens, expand your perception and be open to what comes up for you. It may not look how you think it will, or how you expect, it may be better than you ever imagined!

Love, light & magic



Does this reading resonate with you?  I always love to hear from you. Feel free to ask any questions and discuss in the comments below.  Your question might be exactly what someone else needs to hear.

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Weekly Oracle/Tarot Reading & Intuitive Insights for June 1, 2016 to 06-07-2016

This week's reading: Tower, Be Present and Sapphire.


What a great card/message to come up right now, we've just come out of the Mercury Retrograde, the full moon has come and gone and the new moon arrives this coming Saturday. I love seeing the tower in a reading though the image itself can be somewhat startling. The tower card represents a time to start new. We are tearing down anything that doesn't serve us, or perhaps it is being torn down for us (possibly with some resistance or fears coming up.) One way or another, the building is burning to the ground, because it is time to start over.

This card always brings up the energy/essence of the mythical bird the Phoenix. Like the Phoenix you will be reborn from the ashes of what is burned away right now. Tabula Rasa, it's your clean slate, a fresh start.

Fear not, and let go of resistance, because change is inevitable and though we sometimes fight it, we will lose the fight in the end. Learning to go with the flow will make the change and transition much easier on you.


Have you experienced the bliss that is being fully present in the moment? It's almost as if time stops.

Meditation is a great tool for being present, and there are many ways to meditate. There are guided meditations which can be really helpful for those new to meditating. You can do them alone or in group settings, in person or virtually. I have been meditating for over 15 years and I still enjoy and find guided meditations really useful.

I really enjoy moving meditation like taking a quiet walk in nature, dancing or yoga. Just know it doesn't have to look a certain way, do what works for you and incorporate the practice into your daily life.

When you're present, intuition speaks louder and more clearly to you. Confusion lifts and you are left with honesty, authentic truth.

I first experienced the power of actually being “a human being, not a human doing” when I was on the island of Kauai on a family vacation. I had already been meditating for many years, but that was the first time that I found myself being truly present without meditation and experienced the peace, bliss and relaxation of being present. (That trip was life-changing and is part of the reason I later moved to Florida with my beloved husband Hiram.)


Sapphire: regenerate community

Like the beautiful stone, precious gem, this rich blue color energy reminds us to regenerate community. Are you doing too much on your own lately? Feeling like a one person show with an already too full plate that keeps getting fuller and fuller by the moment, yet there are no more hours in the day. I've been there. It's been a work in progress in my life to learn how to change course, enlist help from others, and delegate instead of feeling I have to do it on my own.

It's time to regenerate your community, get out and build more genuine connections either in person, or online. If you need help, now is the time to ask for it and let others show up for you.

Remember you don't have to do everything on your own. You are not alone.

Intuitively this color is actually reminding me of social media. Both Facebook and Twitter use the color blue in their logos. Using the color blue in a logo is a good thing, according to this article on Entrepreneur.com  it says the color blue is “secure, calm, honest strong, caring, trustworthy.”

I love the way that feels. As you focus on community this week keep in mind those feelings, “secure, calm, honest, strong, caring and trustworthy.” These are exactly the kinds of feelings you want to have with your friends, family and community. There are so many great ways you can build community this week. You can reach out to others, step outside your comfort zone. Honor yourself and your boundaries and seek genuine, loving connection.

Beautiful sapphire blue, where are you?
Eat some form of blueberries, blue on the outside like this, though more of a purple on the inside. I have a huge container of frozen blueberries in my fridge right now and I love putting them in my green smoothies. Bodies of water can appear deep blue like this. Are you able to be near some deep, dark blue water? Do you have jewelry, a crystal, an item of clothing you can wear? How can you incorporate this color into your life this week?

May this reading serve you in the weeks ahead.

Does this reading resonate with you?  I always love to hear from you. Feel free to ask any questions and discuss in the comments below or over in our Facebook Community.  Your story might be exactly what someone else needs to hear.

Love, light & magic to you always,


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Weekly Oracle/Tarot Reading & Intuitive Insights for 5-24-2016 to 5-31-2016

Hello Kreative! Welcome to this week's Oracle/Tarot & Intuitive Insight reading. I am back from enjoying my mom's visit. We fit in many fun things to do during her time here had a great time together. How was your week?

Butterflies came up as messengers for me this week.  A beautiful monarch butterfly landed near me on the cement near the spring at Deleon Springs where my son and I sat with our feet in the brisk 72 degree water.  My son saw the butterfly first and said "look mom, a butterfly came to say hello," I looked over and sure enough there she was,  just a few feet from me.  I felt a wave of peace come over me confirming I had made the right decision, though it was a difficult one.

 Monarch butterflies have long been one of  my spirit insects since I rescued and befriended one once as child. It was the first time I'd seen one in years.  My mom bought me a beautiful necklace from the gift shop at the Sugar Mill where we cooked and ate a pancake breakfast (they have gluten-free vegan batter too!)  The necklace is made from a real butterfly wing. No butterflies are harmed as the wings are harvested after the insects natural death on a rain forest nature preserve and then the jewelry is made by local artists.  Do you have a spirit insect? 

A few days later at beautiful, historic Washington Oaks Gardens  my mom and I saw three more monarch butterflies and I managed to capture a photograph of one for the first time ever with my little point and shoot camera. 

Sugar Mill/Deleon Springs

Secrets of St. Augustine Ghost Tour

Princess Place Preserve

Washington Oaks Gardens

Bulow Ruins

 St. Augustine Beach


Our reading for this week, Dragon, Chariot and Trust your Intuition.



Dragon: Power and Legacy

Dragon. Deep, dark and fierce. 

This color resonated so strongly with me the moment I pulled it from the deck and I was not the least bit surprised to see it. The message the past few weeks of Mercury Retrograde brought up for me were divine self-care, and owning my power.

I have made and continued to make many choices where I have not honored what my intuition has told me and I let go of my power by giving it away to others. The legacy I want to leave is not one of giving my power away to others, it is a legacy of living my authentic truth as my genuine self and standing strong and confident in my personal power. This feels like divine self-love to me. As my beloved husband Hiram always reminds me, it is not always easy to be ourselves when we face challenges, but in being our truest selves, people will love and respect us more than if we give up who we are and what we want to please them, especially when giving up who and what we are to others can lead you to resentment.

This reminds me of a time when I found out that people I thought were my friends and really enjoyed being with me didn't. They were pretending to avoid hurting my feelings. Inevitably my feelings were hurt far more in the end when I found out the truth, because I felt lied to and betrayed that they had spent so much time with me, when they hadn't really wanted to and they didn't like me or enjoy my company. Ouch!

This lesson has been a painful and powerful reminder in my own life not to treat others that way. I'm doing no one any favors if I pretend I enjoy them or that we are friends if I truly do not enjoy that person or want to spend time with them. Better to rip off the proverbial bandage and set us both free to enjoy spending our precious time with those who are in alignment with us and our values. That feels like sweet, delicious, glorious freedom to me, how about you?

This week channel this rich, dark, elegant Dragon green. Have you heard of Dino kale? Try it, it is nutrient rich leafy green and it is great raw and massaged with a little olive oil, salt and pepper, and a splash of lemon, you can saute' it, or my personal favorite is to toss it into smoothies. After a powerful few weeks of Mercury retrograde my intuition is guiding me to eat my leafy greens, and I encourage you to do so also.

How else can you bring this color energy into your life this week? Perhaps spending time in a forest where you are surrounded by deep green evergreen trees?

Though not dragon green, I also suggest Chaga if you're in need of some extra antioxidant support. I've been under an unusual amount of stress these past few weeks and I felt like I was on the verge of getting sick. My intuition guided me to drink Chaga last week, so I made sure to have 1-2 glasses every day! I learned about Chaga from  Nicole Marie of Create with Soul in her beautiful program Mystics Apothecary. I purchased it from Chaga Mama on Etsy


Chariot: Strong Will, Triump

By acting on your intuition, powerful, magical changes are happening. This card is a reminder of our true nature/self. Turn inward, trusting you have the answers you seek, that all changes will be beneficial for you. Take time to yourself to be contemplative, calculated and then with powerful force move forward with confidence. Your recent challenges are behind you, and it's time to revel in the triumph of all you've achieved and created. Take this momentum as you embrace the changes in front of you trusting in the outcome.


Fitting isn't it? It often feels like I looked through the deck to pick out the perfect card, but this is what happens when I trust intuition. I shuffle, and the right cards with the messages we need to hear are the ones that are chosen (or sometimes fly out of the deck, not uncommon!)

This message is so simple and so clear. As I went through a very challenging few weeks my husband was the voice echoing my intuition. He kept asking me “how many times are you going to ignore your intuition.” Wow! He was right. I was so caught up in people-pleasing because of financial worries, and desperately working towards win/win situations instead of focusing on the boundaries I had chosen in the first place (and why I'd chosen them.) My ego had bullied my intuition into the background, but it was still there, and still gently reminding me over and over, “this doesn't feel right, let go, move on.”

I still gave things as many chances as I could but then it reached the point where I could not ignore my intuition any longer and I pulled the plug. Now we are moving in an entirely new direction that feels exhilarating because it is in alignment with my core desired feelings of peace, ease and freedom. I let go of all attachment to it with the full moon and have felt contentment and peace ever since.

Are you listening to your intuition, or is it being crowded out by the voice of your ego? Take some time this week to get still, be alone and really listen to what your intuitive guidance has to tell you. You have the answers you seek inside you, trust yourself.

Does this reading resonate with you?  I always love to hear from you. Feel free to ask any questions and discuss in the comments below.  Your question might be exactly what someone else needs to hear.

Please email me if you'd like more information or if you're interested in a private, personalized tarot/oracle reading with me: kadee@kadeeclark.com

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Love, light & magic to you always,




Weekly Oracle/Tarot Reading & Intuitive Insights for 5-9-2016 to 5-23-2016

I hope you had a lovely Sunday and Mother's Day Kreative.  My mom is coming to town to visit for five days this coming weekend, so I won't be online this Sunday/Monday to share a reading as I'll be having a belated mother's day visit with my mom. I'm so grateful she can come to be with me.

Our cards for this and next week: Coral, Temperance, You are healing, 6 of cups and 8 of swords.


Coral: Mercy and Forgiveness

This week keep in mind being merciful with others, but just as importantly with yourself. What have you been holding onto that you just can't forgive yourself for? Use the power and energy of the color coral to help you let it go. You deserve to be forgiven, haven't you suffered enough? We are harder on ourselves than anyone else is or probably ever could be. We will punish ourselves for something for years and years, even though we've suffered so much guilt, remorse and have done what we can to make things right. It's time to let go and forgive yourself. Honor your inner child, have mercy with her and yourself, and let go.

A beautiful coral azalea -2016

A beautiful coral azalea -2016

Stop punishing yourself dear one. You deserve compassion and kindness, give it to yourself first, the same kindness and compassion you so freely give to others. If you allow others certain freedoms in your life, do you also allow yourself those same freedoms? Do you hold others to a lower standard, than you hold yourself to? Ask yourself why you hold yourself to such an impossibly high standard that only leaves you feeling less than and defeated. Like the golden rule (treat others as you would like to be treated) try this instead, treat yourself how you treat others. I get the feeling this is going to be difficult for some of you, I know it's a challenge for me, but I know you're up for the challenge!

Where can you use the color coral to help you find mercy and forgiveness for yourself and others this week? Do you have something beautiful you can wear? A photograph to look at, a flower (or in this case a photo of a flower: enjoy this photo of a coral Azalea I took earlier this spring at The Ravine Garden's State Park in Palatka Florida) is there a coral colored food you can eat, an essential oil you can diffuse into the air, or a crystal you can use to channel this color? There's no wrong way to bring this color into your world to serve you.  Do what feels right to you.


The great blue heron is depicted here. Great blue herons are large, beautiful birds. I didn't see one in person until I moved to Florida in 2010. Now I see them quite often. They are majestic, and their feathers are almost a slate grey, and, deep, dark blue with hints of green. Last year I was blessed to photograph a mother heron and her two eggs at the Alligator Farm Native Bird Rookery in St. Augustine Florida. Thirteen days later I photographed the same mother and one of her surviving chicks. 

This card brings with it the message of balance and moderation, energies of renewal and healing. It's time to moderate for yourself. Are there areas of your life that have been out of balance? Sometimes we must move from one extreme to another before we gain the perspective needed to find balance. This card encourages you to do that this week, like colors blending together, blue and yellow making green, what can you blend together to create more harmony, more peace and more renewal in your life? Where you can you carve out time, space, and energy for healing?






How perfect that this card followed the Temperance card. Yes, you are healing. Be kind, be gentle, and compassionate with yourself through this process. Take some extra time for some much needed and deserved rest and self-indulgence. Make self-care a non-negotiable in your life (if it's not already) make sure to put it on the calendar. Even if it's something as small as five minutes alone to yourself each morning before you start your day, or turning off your electronics 1 hour before bed each night. Taking care of you should be your number 1 priority yet how often is it your number 1 priority?

There have been a lot of big energies moving through us lately especially as Mercury joined the other four planets already in retrograde, followed by May's new moon in Taurus. As of today (Tuesday) Jupiter is no longer in retrograde!  Makes sure to check out your weekly horoscope from the Astrotwins for more information on how your astrology will influence you this week.) Big messages are coming through and you'll likely see them again and again (the messages seem to be coming up repeatedly in threes.) The universe is making sure we notice, there is guidance, we are not alone. Pay attention to the messages to help you ease through all these energetic shifts and transitions and the challenges they can bring with them. Find your calm and center in the midst of any storm that comes your way (remember The Temperance card.)

All these transitions, shifts and changes require a lot of energy, which is why we need to slow down as much as we can, and be sure to make time for rest and renewal. Getting good and enough sleep is extra important right now and making sure to stay hydrated. Take care of you, be patient with yourself, be kind to yourself and forgive yourself when you make a mistake, you are human, and we all make mistakes.

Give yourself time to heal from wounds new and old and let them take the time they need to do so, no rushing or forcing it. (This is all part of being gentle with yourself.)


Two extra cards came up for us this week and have me feeling really hopeful after a very challenging few weeks.

The 6 of cups:

This card reminds us to look forward and not keep our focus on the past. We may have old friends or lovers show up at this time, you may feel nostalgic or miss people who are no longer in your life. It may be time to revisit the past (perhaps like the Coral card reminds us,) you may have some forgiving to do so you can be free to move forward into your future, free from the past.

We are who we are today because of our past and we are stronger for the challenges we experienced. I would not trade the pain of my past if it meant I would not be who I am today, living the life I am living right now. Be grateful for the strength you possess now that resulted from the challenges you faced in your past. 

Move forward into your future with confidence. After all you've been through, you have all the strength and courage you need to face what the future holds for you.

The 8 of Swords:

Again this card reminds us to look back at our past, or even our current situation. Are you feeling stuck? Is this a case of a “catch-22” where you feel no matter what choice you make it is going to be the wrong one? This card reminds us that things may not be as bad as we may think (or as bad as they may appear to be.) You may need to confront old patterns, behaviors or belief systems now so that you can move forward. Again the message coming up is to find the place you have not forgiven yourself, and forgive yourself. The chains placed around the heart are your own, and only you can remove them. Set yourself free! Keep an open mind and heart and ask for support if you need or want it. You are not alone.

May this reading serve you in the weeks ahead. Feel free to ask any questions and discuss in the comments below or over in our Facebook Community.  I'd love to be of service to you.

Does this reading resonate with you?  I always love to hear from you. Feel free to ask any questions and discuss in the comments below.  Your question might be exactly what someone else needs to hear.

Please email me if you'd like more information or if you're interested in a private, personalized tarot/oracle reading with me: kadee@kadeeclark.com

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Love, light & magic to you always,


Weekly Oracle/Tarot Reading & Intuitive Insights for 5-2-2016 to 5-9-2016

Hello Kreative! May this week's reading serve you in your week ahead. This week we start with color.

My silly cat is drawn to my cards! I set these down on my bed after photographing them and moment later there he was!  This is the 2nd time he did this and the time before I feel it was a card just for him because he's been healing from an oral infection and the card he chose to lay on was "Healing" from Crazy Sexy Love Notes.

My silly cat is drawn to my cards! I set these down on my bed after photographing them and moment later there he was!  This is the 2nd time he did this and the time before I feel it was a card just for him because he's been healing from an oral infection and the card he chose to lay on was "Healing" from Crazy Sexy Love Notes.


Firefly: Illumination

Firefly, a bright spark against the night sky, like animated twinkling stars, sparkling and dancing in the darkness as far as the eye can see. I saw fireflies for the first time ever here in Florida just a few years ago. One of my oldest and dearest friends was in town visiting for the first time and we went to Blue Springs State park where we were blessed to see hundreds and hundreds of bright phosphorescent yellowish green fireflies. She had never seen fireflies and I had only seen just a few the previous spring. This was pure magic. May the light, color and magic of the firefly bless your life this week. We've got a new moon ahead, time for new beginnings. Use this color to prepare for what's to come.


Gaia, the great mother, mother earth, pregnant with hope and possibilities she reminds us to find balance in ourselves and our environments. Yin/yang, sun and moon, day and night, complimentary and equal opposites that are necessary for the balance of life. Focus on how you can bring balance into your own life this week with the energy of the The Empress card.

Is there an area where you are feeling the scales have tipped too far in any one direction? An area you are feeling overwhelmed (overwhelm is a great indicator that something is out of balance in our lives). Take some time to get clear on where things are out of balance this week, be gentle with yourself through the process as you allow insight and intuition to guide you back to stasis and harmony. Equal opposites, balance.


It's seems to be a common practice in our modern world to bond over complaining and negativity. It's also a very addicting habit that leads us to a downward spiral of attracting more negativity into our lives. (What we put our attention on, is what we attract). Venting is common practice, but it is not always helpful or useful for yourself or the person with whom you are venting.

We do need to let out negative energy but let's find more useful ways to do so, such as writing in a private journal that you do not share, writing a letter to someone who has wronged you, but instead of sending that letter, you burn it instead, letting go of the energy as the smoke floats up into the heavens.

This is a great practice of release for new and full moon. Let's not use each other as sounding boards to vent, gossip and complain, that is not a high vibration and does not attract the happiness and positive energy that we deserve. Let's bond instead over sharing our wins, our hopes, dreams, excitement and plans for the future, embracing the present moment in all it's revelry and blessed glory.

This life is precious, doesn't it feel sweeter to share our success than to connect over gossip and negativity? I know it can be tough to find positive things to share sometimes when you're going through a particularly challenging time, but remember there are always blessings. We are blessed beyond measure and there is always something to be grateful for in the midst of our deepest challenges.

The past few weeks have personally been incredibly challenging for me, it has taken my focus away from nearly all over aspects of my life. I have had to take a leave from managing our Facebook community and working on my business as I just didn't have enough emotional bandwidth to get through my personal challenge and work on much of anything else outside of our rental home and managing our day-to-day life.

Yet in the midst of this incredibly emotional and challenging time in my life, I found gratitude. If you find yourself in the downward spiral of negativity one of the quickest ways I know to break that spiral is to focus on gratitude. It is guaranteed to snap you right out of it, as I've found it's impossible to complain and be grateful at the same time.

How can you avoid gossiping/negativity this week?

Love, light & magic



5-1-2016.  Summer's here in Florida! 

5-1-2016.  Summer's here in Florida! 


Does this reading resonate with you?  I always love to hear from you. Feel free to ask any questions and discuss in the comments below.  Your question might be exactly what someone else needs to hear.

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Weekly Oracle/Tarot Reading & Intuitive Insights for 4-25-2016 to 5-2-2016

Hello divine kreative. I'm so honored to bring you this beautiful reading. This reading literally jumped out of the deck at me.

I was asking specifically for guidance in regards to relationships as my husband and I recently experienced a big challenge in our lives. This reading was so powerful, I knew I had to share it with you. When each of these cards appeared I felt a strong sense of hope, and that today was indeed a new beginning (ace of pentacles). I feel a great sense of optimism as well, which empowers me to truly let go of the past, as recent as yesterday and as far back as many years, and to truly embrace this moment, this new day, and week.

Relationships can be our greatest challenges in life, especially when it comes to our closest relationships, our family, and our intimate partners, friends, colleagues.

I have been blessed to have an amazing relationship with my husband, we met when he was only 21 and we've shared 9 amazing, challenging, intense, beautiful years together. Thanks to maturity on both of our parts (his especially) we've been able to navigate the challenges from a place of truly being kind, compassionate, and doing our best to see things from each others perspective.

Doing this has allowed us to weather many storms together, always coming out stronger as a unified force instead of losing our love, and the relationship and life we've poured our hearts and souls into for nearly a decade.

Ace of Pentacles:  The wild unknown Tarot deck by Kim Krans

This card felt like a huge sigh of relief the moment I saw it. Just as a tiny sprout can grow from the dying trunk of the once large tree that once stood in it's place, you too and your relationship can grow from this place, even if what it once was, is dying or dead. Death is not necessarily a bad thing, death is a transformation. Where does your relationship with others or yourself need transforming?

It can be hard especially in relationships to let go of the past, anger, and resentments and to find forgiveness, empathy, and understanding your heart. However, letting go is truly the only way that's possible for you and your relationship to heal. It is the only way to treat this day as new, and embrace the unlimited possibilities before you.

We are deeply supported by the intensity of the full moon this past week as well, the energy is still at work. Letting go and releasing takes a great deal of energy and as Mercury retrograde joins the other four planets already in retrograde, the message coming up is one of being present, being still, and slowing way, way down. Don't push yourself harder than you need to right now, it won't accomplish what you want it too and it will only lead you to burnout and exhaustion.

Let go of what hurt you. Let go of any residual pain, resentments, conflict, and misunderstandings you are feeling. Open your heart. It's a new beginning my love, truly. It's yours for the taking and you deserve it.


If you're in a relationship, I want you to take yourself out, as mentioned above, that is the primary message here. It's time you take care of you. Fill that bucket of self love to overflowing and then share that love with your significant other. Once you've had your date with yourself, now you have energy to give to making a date with your partner. Encourage your partner to make a date with themselves as well, I know this can feel strange at first, (my husband is an introvert though and he relishes time alone) but work on it.

It takes time for any new activity to become a habit, but this is a habit worth forming. Put it on your calendars and make it non-negotiable. Put the kids to bed early, or better yet get a sitter. Carve out some time to really be present with one another. Turn off the T.V. and distractions, don't go to a movie, make this time about connecting on every level, emotionally, spiritually and of course physically too!

The physical area in relationships can often be neglected in our busy schedules especially when there are children in our lives, but make it a priority! Schedule in sex, and make it non-negotiable. Communicate your wants and needs with one another and work on it. Even if you're tired or don't think you're in the mood, that will likely change once you and your partner start getting busy!!

If you need any help or support in this area, I am a relationship coach, too! Be sure to reach out to me.

Celebrate your love by carving out space dedicated to growing and nurturing it, first for yourself, and second with your partner. I can think of almost nothing more worthy of celebrating, than love.


This is the first time I've pulled the Temperance card. I was immediately drawn to the magical feeling, that glowing star on the woman's forehead, the two powerful animals, a bald eagle and a lion facing off over a steaming cauldron. The women is combining two elements, fire and water.

Temperance reminds us to remain calm, to reconcile opposites, something that relationships often do for us, they create the dynamic of opposites attracting and balancing one another. My husband Hiram and I are beautifully complementary opposites, we are truly yin and yang, and by experiencing the balancing of our two opposites, we find peace, harmony and bliss in our relationship with one another and our lives.

If you're experiencing a conflict with yourself or in your relationship with your significant other, this card reminds us to reconcile that peacefully through honest communication. Remember to be accountable and avoid blaming the other person for how you feel. Blame leads to resentment.

Compassion, communication and cooperation are the keys to reconciling any conflict you are facing right now. Channel the energy of this temperance card, bringing together two powerful opposing forces to create peace. Keep energy flowing through communication, it's so important to be honest about how you feel, but in order to resolve any conflict you must also be patient, and objective too, weigh in all the factors, facts and feelings to find the balance you desire.


Pink, Let love in

A lovely way to end our reading all about love and relationships, with the color Pink, let love in!

Tap into the color and energy of pink this week, let love in to your life, self-love, and love to and from others. Open your heart and create the space to receive. Eat some pink foods, pink bubblegum is a nostalgic favorite, maybe a delicious fruit, like pink grapefruit, watermelon or go more exotic and try some dragon fruit or a cactus pear fruit! They grow locally here in Florida so we can get cactus fruit when they are in season.

Wear pink, especially the men out there, be brave and do it, pink is not just for the ladies, my friends! Pink is for everyone and pink is one of the Pantone colors for 2016! Embrace the complexity of this color that can be so soft and yet intensely passionate too. Stop and smell pink flowers, take a photo of your favorite! Please share below. What does the color pink smell like? Feel like?

Does this reading resonate with you? Share in the comments below! You never know how your story may inspire.

I wish you love this week and always.

Love, light & magic



PS- these beautiful crystal hearts are tiger's eye, and rose quartz.  Tiger's eye is a more grounding, earthy, creative, masculine energy and the rose quartz is a very soft, feminine, loving energy.  I use these to balance male/female energy and for meditation and magical spells for relationships.  This past week I have slept with both of them under my pillow every night.  I purchased both of these beauties from Jessica of Jess Kay Designs. 

Weekly Oracle/Tarot Reading & Intuitive Insights for 4-19-2016 to 4-25-2016

Hello Kreative! This week's reading comes just as Mars, Pluto and Mercury (yep, that's right Mercury retrograde again) join Saturn (my ruling planet, I'm a Capricorn) and Jupiter both already in retrograde. Check out the Astrotwins April Monthly Horoscope  for more information on how these planetary shifts are affecting the cosmic energies. For more information you can also read your monthly and weekly horoscope for your astrological sign on their website as well.

My optimistic and inspiring friend and fellow coach Sairah Pettes of Turn Up the Love (be sure to visit her gorgeous website to learn more about her and how she helps women learn to eat mindfully!) introduced me to the Astrotwins whom I trust for insightful and accurate horoscopes to help guide my life and my path as a healer, a leader and a light worker.

My April forecast from the Astrotwins has been spot on. I have been in nesting mode something fierce! We've been moving furniture, old things out, newer things in, decorating, painting (remember project mayhem? ) and up-leveling our comfort in the space my husband and I both spend the majority of our time (we are both blessed to work from home.)

We decided to keep many of the furnishings from our rental unit next door and incorporate them into our home. We still have to pay off all this furniture, many of the items are things we could use and didn't have, and we'd lose a lot of money on selling them, so it made sense to keep what we could and sell the rest. This transition has been a lot more work than I'd anticipated, but it has been so worth it. Our home feels completely transformed and I could not be happier!

I recently bought some 400 thread super soft 100% cotton sheets (on clearance too! YAY!) and a new-to-me bed frame and mattress (thank you kind strangers on craigslist for the great deal. I love to buy gently used items instead of buying things new whenever possible.) It feels amazing to treat myself to something I've wanted for many, many years now and the nicest sheets I've ever slept in. Next on my list (asap!) is a memory foam topper for my bed as this mattress is far too firm for my poor neck and back, ouch!

My son received my previous bed and memory foam topper and he also snagged my deep purple sheets as well. He ended up picking out a really cool zebra print blanket and pillow for his new-to-him bed. 

I've been craving new comfort/loungy clothes to wear around the house instead of my go-too schlubby old sweats, so that's next on the list when our budget permits. How we dress does affect our moods, energy and confidence, even if you're alone and working at home like I do.

How are the planetary retrogrades affecting you? There is nothing to fear, even Mercury retrograde can be viewed in a positive light, as a time to restore, rest, reflect and review.

He took this photo on his phone and sent it to me. The kid has great taste, what can I say. :) If you look closely you can see the purple sheets on the pillow cases behind the rainbow zebra striped pillow.

He took this photo on his phone and sent it to me. The kid has great taste, what can I say. :) If you look closely you can see the purple sheets on the pillow cases behind the rainbow zebra striped pillow.

My new-to-me Ikea Malm bed frame, mattress, new sheets (you can't see but they are white and really soft and nice) and my Ikea duvet and duvet cover I snagged from our vacation rental next door (also the two tables and one of the lamps.)

My new-to-me Ikea Malm bed frame, mattress, new sheets (you can't see but they are white and really soft and nice) and my Ikea duvet and duvet cover I snagged from our vacation rental next door (also the two tables and one of the lamps.)

There is so much goodness from Mercury retrograde, even though it can have its bumps too. It's how you prepare, and move through the bumps (with patience and being kind and gentle to yourself through the process) that makes the difference and being aware and taking extra precautions (especially in regards to anything technology related) will serve you during this time.

May this reading serve and support you in your week ahead as the final three planets move into retrograde.

The 8 of Pentacles from The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck by Kim Krans

I love spiders! They are such fascinating creatures. The highly intelligent, precise engineer has carefully crafted her web. Building a web is her life's work, and is as natural to her as breathing and being/existing. This card represents honing your craft and your life's work and purpose Kreative. It's time to focus on work that brings your joy, whether it be your career or a hobby, or maybe both! Invest in yourself, put in the time and the effort in to improve upon your skills, and utilize your talents.

It will take work, but it will be worth it. You too can be like the spider when you master your craft as well, you'll be so good at what you do it that although it's not, it will appear effortless.

It's a good time take some community education classes, go to a seminar, or take some college courses to become the master of your craft. Learning can be part of the adventure so don't be intimidated, keep the end goal in mind and enjoy the process.

Our color inspiration & magic this week: Wise Owl from The Color Mage Oracle by Bernard Charles

Inner wisdom and foresight.

It's no accident this card literally hopped right out of the deck as I began to shuffle asking for guidance for our week ahead specifically in regards to the five planets in retrograde.

Owls have long been an archetype for wisdom, and knowledge. Their large eyes seeing more than we humans can even in the dark of night.

Inner wisdom, a dark purple that reminds me of midnight skies. I once saw the sky this color while driving in the desert southwest of Salt Lake City Utah about 18 years ago. It was night time, the nearly full moon was shining brightly onto the desert landscape and it began to rain a very soft, light sprinkle. For the first time in my life I saw a night rainbow (two of them no less, a double night rainbow, also known as lunar rainbows.) The rainbow was whitish purple and black against this almost indigo sky I didn't even know the moonlight could create a rainbow. It was pure magic! I have only seen a lunar rainbow one time since, they are quite rare sightings. Have you ever seen one?

Tap into your deeper inner knowing, what you feel in your heart, your intuition. Be you own guide. Trust yourself. Know that you have the answers. Silence outside voices. Pay attention and watch for the clues around you, and notice how your body feels. Does your heart expand with a feeling of excitement, joy, and peace or do you feel fearful and constricted?

You know what is right for you, always, but have you stopped paying attention? Have you stopped listening to that voice that guides you to your truth? The more you listen to your intuition the stronger it becomes.

I use my intuition to guide my every decision and it has made making choices in my life infinitely easier, even when I get to the really difficult choices where it's so difficult for me to feel clearly what I want because I so badly want to make others happy.

My husband has helped me learn that I will make others happiest, when I listen to, follow and honor my own truth, instead of sacrificing my own happiness for someone else.

Be Gentle With Yourself from Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy Love Notes

This is actually the first card I picked for us this week before the tarot and color cards, but I enjoy ending our readings with a Crazy Sexy Love Note.

This is a great reminder always. “Be gentle with yourself.” Treat yourself with loving kindness. Be patient with yourself. Rest when you need to rest. Do what feels good to you. Don't push harder than you have to. Don't sacrifice your happiness for the happiness of others. Trust the divine timing. Make choices from a place of power and sustainability instead of depletion. Keep your love bucket full my friend! We cannot give from an empty bucket, and it will only leave you feeling empty, used up and depleted if you do. No bueno.

We can be our toughest critic. It seems no voice could ever speak to us as harshly or cruelly as we can sometimes talk to ourselves. Learn to let go of that negative self-talk. Transform it into affirmations of gratitude. Here's some examples.

I am worthy. I am enough. I am beautiful. I am valuable. I love myself. I love my body. I'm grateful for my body. I am awesome. I deserve happiness.

It may feel strange at first, we are so used to feeling that we are never enough (oh but you are, you are ALWAYS enough!!) but say it to yourself in your mind, say it to yourself out loud, write it out on post it notes, 4x6 note cards, put them everywhere until you start to believe the truth about yourself.

Wishing you a peaceful transition into the quintet of planetary retrogrades this week and always.

Love, light & magic,



Weekly Oracle/Tarot Reading & Intuitive Insights for the week of 4-11-2016 to 4-18-2016

How are you? This week's new moon energy of letting go and release was unexpectedly powerful for me! How are you feeling? Did you release and/or let go of something big/unexpected?

Turned out I encountered an upper limit issue. One I didn't see coming! True to form my upper limit issues tend to show up when I least expect them, because that is kind of how they work!

Oddly enough just are you are getting into a really good place in your life, whether it be life in general, your job, your relationships, or a money situation, an upper limit issue can show up! It's natural, it's our brain's way of trying to protect us. It shows up to keep us from moving forward and growing.

For example you've been saving up money for something really special for a long time, but each time you get close to achieving it, some kind of financial problem will arise that will come and take that money away, keeping you from having it. Then the cycle continues again and again and you can't seem to ever have enough money to get what it is you want.

However, if you become aware of it (it being the upper limit) you can move past it and stop that cycle! There is much to be learned from these experiences that help us move into our next level in our personal development  (we call that the Upper Echelon) especially if we can maintain awareness of what is happening.

I did our reading early this week to get insights on how to move through my upper limit issue that hit me so hard on Thursday and Friday. It resonated so strongly with me and I hope it will serve you as this energy from the new moon continues to move through and we begin the week ahead.

This week I used one of my favorite decks, it's the Witches Tarot by Ellen Cannon Reed and Martin Cannon.

This beautiful deck was gifted to me by a descendant of Romanian gypsies I once knew. It is the first tarot deck I ever owned. I actually held onto the deck for 2 years before I began to explore reading and using tarot.

Two of wands:

I love this card because this wise looking man is holding a wand and leaves are floating up in the air above the wand in a circle, it looks very magical and speaks to me of the power we have to create what we want to create, just like magic in our lives!

We are at a place where ideas that have been planted and have gestated and it's time for them to sprout and grow! Nourish them and make sure to nourish yourself! There is still a lot of work ahead, but you will achieve what you desire if you continue down the path you've decided on. Stay the course, you've got this! Trust and believe in yourself! You have the power, the magic, the ambition and the determination to do what it takes.

Eight of Cups:


The eight cups are full and overflowing, they have reached capacity and can hold no more. Energy is being wasted and will continue to be wasted if you keep filling these already full cups. It's time to let go and move on, no matter how hard it may feel or how much it will hurt. It's time to feel this pain, face the truth, and hurt if it hurts. Don't fear the pain, the pain is all part of a very much needed process of letting go.

A beautiful quote by one of my favorite poets Kahlil Gibran says “One of the hardest lessons in life is letting go. Whether it's guilt, anger, love, loss. Change is never easy, You fight to hold on, And you fight to let go.”

It's our nature to do this, but being aware of it may help us ease through to the freedom awaiting us on the other side. You are breaking through, there is no other course of action to take now as stagnation is not an option and you cannot go backwards, there is only one way, forward, and the time to go is now. This card can directly relate to relationships or issues in relationships.

For me personally this week it meant letting go of an illusion I was entertaining in my marriage, one that wasn't helping me or my husband. It was hard to let go, I had a lot of fears come up, a lot of pain, and so many tears, but in working through this I connected to my truth and it helped my husband and I be stronger and more solid than ever. I feel more loved, seen and understood by him than ever before.



Pumpkin, Dance for life and love

Fun story about this card! I was present for a live video by Bernard Charles on March 28th, (you can find it on his Facebook page ) and Bernard chose this card for me! I loved the reading so much and resonated so strongly with it, this color is also one of my brand colors for Kreative Kadence, so I connect very deeply to this color.

The way Bernard shared it was magical, like Cinderella, and I love that when I was feeling so vulnerable and in such a painful place personally this week, that this card came up for me again in my own reading. I love to dance, to move my body, to reconnect to the magic in the world and in myself. May this card remind you to do the same this week ahead, dance this heaviness from the powerful releasing and letting go energy of the new moon, embrace playfulness, embrace the freedom!

Which leads me to the final card which sums up this whole process and experience so beautifully!

something bigger is on the way from kris carr's crazy sexy love notes.

Something bigger is on the way

A reward for all the hard work, the pain, the release (the breaking open of our hearts and selves, also known as growing pains.) It can hurt to move out of old stories, paradigms etc. to break open, like the baby chicken breaking out of it's shell, it can be hard work, but it's necessary to grow, to live, to thrive.

This card inspires us, reminds us, and gives us hope that there is more to come, bigger, better things are just around the corner, and all of this is part of that process to get us there, to get us ready for what is to come! We are breaking through our “glass ceilings”  a dear friend says she sees the glass ceiling as water! Gorgeous! I love that so much. It's not glass it's water and you can move through water with ease.

There are no limitations, don't let fear hold you back. Right when things are going so well, can be right when we start to get scared, negative thoughts come up, we feel undeserving of the goodness (even if we're not aware of it) and can subconsciously sabotage ourselves so we stay “safe” instead of growing into the unknown that awaits us. (I get it, the unknown is so scary sometimes, it's natural to want to stay where things are comfortable and familiar.)

Become aware of this, these voices are just voices, thank them and let them move through. There is nothing to fear about the unknown, what is more scary is stagnation, not growing, not becoming the best version of you, you deserve to be! You deserve goodness, you are worthy! You get to have what you want. “Bigger things are on the way!”

Until next time,

Love & light,


Ps- Almost finished with Project Mayhem! 

Before, a really pretty photo of our duplex before we moved in, November 2013.

Before, a really pretty photo of our duplex before we moved in, November 2013.

After-- both doors are red! April 2016.  I'll try and get better photo later when the light is softer so you can really see this bright beautiful color pop.

After-- both doors are red! April 2016.  I'll try and get better photo later when the light is softer so you can really see this bright beautiful color pop.


Weekly Oracle/Tarot Reading & Intuitive Insights for the week of 04-03-2016 to 04-10-2016

Greetings! It's the first Sunday in April, and April is the astrological new year. So happy New Year once again! Do you feel the energy of 'new' coming up?

Today I asked the universe to give us guidance for this new month, and the cards that came up are stunning! It appears this new month, is one of new beginnings.

El Sol, Shapeshift, Ace of Pentacles, and Wishes Fulfilled.

After I drew these cards I went on a beautiful hike to enjoy this unusually cool spring day here in Florida. Hiram discovered an awesome local sandwich shop that had 2 vegetarian sandwiches on the menu! We went with the Greek sub and it was awesome! We then went to the beautiful Ravine Gardens State Park. Unfortunately we missed the Azaleas in full bloom, but there were still a few pretty blossoms left for us to enjoy. It was the most wonderful day out in the sunshine, fresh air. I feel totally refreshed. A perfect Sunday!


Our color inspiration & magic this week: El Sol and Shapeshift from The Color Mage Oracle by Bernard Charles

El Sol, Deserved Reward and Purpose

El Sol is Spanish for the sun. This card/color is really special to me as we named our duplex we live in Casitas Del Sol. I love the word Sol, that also sounds like the word soul. I love that this color popped right out of the deck next to beautiful Shapeshift. This week (month, and year) let's channel the beauty, brilliance, brightness and energy of the sun.

There is light and dark with El Sol, sunshine and shade. What may the sun shine light on in your life? Is there something you need to see? It's time to let the light shine and face what lies ahead with open arms.

The sun gives us continuity, it gives us warmth, it literally gives us life. How can you breathe new energy into your life this week? Perhaps time to start a new workout, or change up your workout, wear El Sol in your wardrobe? (It inspired the yellow shirt I wore to the gardens today.)

Maybe buy yourself some beautiful yellow flowers, or maybe pick some golden wildflowers? Great creative in how you channel this powerful, vibrant energy in your life this week.

Shapeshift: Myth & Magic

Shapeshift is a shade of purple, and purple is a mixture and two primary colors red and blue. Just like the name shapeshift, the colors red and blue shift from two bold colors, one hot and one cold color into this delicious mixture of purple, known to be a powerful, spiritual, intuitive and divine color. It's quite magical.

I am loving how this card speaks to use of myth and magic this week. Can you find ways to notice the magic in the mundane? There is so much magic in our world and in our lives if we just take a moment to notice. Hiram and I have been going on bike rides again daily since he helped me fix my broken rear derailer (that was quite an odd thing to break while riding but I'm pretty talented like that sometimes!) and both yesterday and today we have had red shouldered hawks appear to us and cross our paths. Magic!

While photographing a beautiful water lily, a dragonfly landed right in my shot! Magic!

The perfect, unusually cool weather today, the sunshine, the peace and calm we've been feeling ever after so much has been going on for us. Magic. Embrace magic, embrace myth, story, what serves and inspires you. Wear this color, drink or eat this color. I am craving grapes just looking at it! Embrace purple shapeshift for a magical week ahead!

The Ace of Pentacles from The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck by Kim Krans

The Ace of Pentacles: Prosperous Beginnings

This card feels really perfect for April. Abundant, prosperous beginnings. There's a new moon just around the corner, get clear on your intentions. What does a prosperous beginning look like to you? What would you like to create? Now is your time. This month will start out prosperous and that prosperity can bring more abundance and good fortune your way. Tap into this vital spring energy of rebirth, renewal make sure to get outside, and connect with nature and the earth. Make this prosperous beginning one of many more to come. Even the largest tree once started as a tiny seed. Start small, progress not perfection, have faith and create space for growth.

Wishes Fulfilled from Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy Love Notes

Wishes Fulfilled:

Such a perfect card to accompany the Ace of Pentacles. I'll let the words on the card speak for themselves, because they sum up the energy and intention of this reading beautifully.

I wish you the most prosperous new beginning full of sunshine, magic and courage to make your dreams reality.

Be sure to check back next Monday for our next weekly reading and share in the comments below how you plan to use these colors and what your intentions are for your prosperous new beginning this week.

Love, light & magic


Ps--The Red Door project, I'm affectionately calling Project Mayhem is going well. I'm so happy with the results. Almost finished, I have one more final coat on this door and am about to start it all over again on door number 2.  Feel free to check out my Facebook album for all the fun DIY project details, ups and downs.

Before:  Yuck! Boring, dirty, multiple shades of white.

Before:  Yuck! Boring, dirty, multiple shades of white.

After:  It was so much work, but I LOVE the change.

After:  It was so much work, but I LOVE the change.


Weekly Oracle/Tarot Reading & Intuitive Insights for the week of 3-28-2016 to 4-04-2016

Hello again beautiful, radiant soul. Welcome back! For those who celebrate the holiday I hope  you had a Happy Easter! Yesterday was also my only son's 14th birthday. We started the celebration early as my son wanted a family game night at home with pizza Saturday.

I had asked him why he didn't have plans with his friends this weekend and he said he wanted a family game day and to order pizza with Hiram (my husband) and I. I am so touched he wanted to spend his birthday with us instead of with his friends. He's been so independent for so long, it means a lot to know he still wants to be with us at times like this.

This past week was an intense one with the full moon and lunar eclipse on Wednesday. Things we had forgotten, or thought we'd moved past or healed from our past may have re-surfaced, especially in regards to family and relationships.

How are you doing now that those energies are passing through? Are you feeling more at peace?

This week's reading includes cards from 3 different beautiful decks with the messages from the cards as well as my intuitive insights to offer you guidance and support for the week ahead.

Our color inspiration & magic this week: Cornflower from The Color Mage Oracle by Bernard Charles

Life has been throwing a lot our way lately. Wounds we thought were healed may still need some attention. Stand strong, sturdy to whatever comes your way. You have the strength and the tenacity to handle it. This is so comforting to me as I've taken on some DIY home-improvement projects that have turned out to be much more difficult and time-consuming than I could have hoped!

I slept Saturday night surrounded in a blanket that has this shade of blue on it before drawing this card for us on Sunday morning.  I feel like it's helping me to remember I have what it takes to finish this project even though I'm so exhausted and want to quit! (The project is painting my white front door, red, and painting the handle and lock oil rubbed bronze.) It has not been a super smooth process, (I've never painted an exterior door before) and when I committed, I committed because we have a duplex. We have to paint the door next door as well, or the home will look imbalanced with one white door and one red door. Aye yaye yaye! What was I thinking? No matter, Cornflower blue reminds me I got this and so do you love. Whatever comes your way this week, you've got what it takes to face it. Stand strong.

The 4 of Wands from The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck by Kim Krans

All the hard work is paying off! Something you've been working on is finally finished. It's time to celebrate! (Please let this be my door project?! I'll let you know...) I believe that celebration is a form of gratitude and my dear you absolutely deserve to do some celebrating!

All this hard work, dedication and fierce tenacity calls for some celebration of equal measure. What do you love to do to celebrate? It doesn't have to cost a lot of money to be meaningful, but make sure you make it mean something special to you. Carve out the time and make this non-negotiable.

You deserve it, and you are worth it. I just love that little center of blue on the card, how fitting and it goes so nicely with our Cornflower Color Mage Oracle card!

You Did It & You Can't Please Everyone from Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy Love Notes

You did it:  

Appropriate right?! You did it! Yes you did. Be proud of yourself and like the 4 of Wands reminds us, celebrate! I think my form of celebration is likely going to be some much needed rest. All these intense energies and the added release of letting go, and then taking on big home improvement projects has worn me out. I look forward to saying I did it, when it's done, celebrating the completion and giving myself time to rest and recover.

You Can't Please Everyone:

So very true. You can't please everyone, and you know what? You'll lose yourself and burn out if you try. Don't bother! At the end of the day the only person you need to please is yourself. When you are true to you, and you shine your beautiful light into this world, you give the rest of us permission to do the same. Keep shining! We need you! Dimming your light to fit in, denies yourself an authentic life and denies the world the gift that is YOU.

I'd love to hear from you. Did you have a break through or gain any insights from this reading?  Did it resonate with you? Let me know.

Love, light & magic

How do you fight fair in relationships?

No relationship is perfect. No matter how compatible you are with your partner, spouse or mate, there are going to be times you're going to disagree.

How do you handle those disagreements with love and respect? How do you “fight” fair?

I put the word “fight” in quotes because I don't believe that two loving partners should fight. The word fight by its very definitions means violence either through words or physical violence. Violence has no place in our relationships.

In a fight there is a winner which means there is also a loser. This energy is not conducive to healthy, happy relationships. You both have to win for it to work.

I advocate that you should never call or be called names in a relationship (except for affectionate, sweet pet names of course! If you dig that, like me and my sweetie do!)

We are human and we are going to disagree in our relationships, friendships and with our family members. How do you handle disagreements in a way that is not only fair, but kind, compassionate and respectful to your mate?

Let's focus on some important things here. It helps to remember that you LOVE this person. This person is also very likely your best friend. You value this person, you care about this person and likely you value this person's opinion very much.

But you don't agree. Now what?!

This can be stressful, and frustrating. How do you find common ground, and if you can't find common ground how can you lovingly and peacefully agree to disagree?

Here's how to diffuse a potential heated discussion/disagreement and keep it from escalating to the land of no return, fighting.

Listen. With an open mind and heart. Really, fully listen to what your partner has to say. Without interrupting, without getting upset. Let them finish their entire thought process and express their feelings.

Repeat back to them what you hear them saying to you.
Use words of accountability and not blame. Take ownership of your experience. Say “I feel this way,” not “You did this or that.” Instead of saying “You made me feel this way,” say something like “When you did this, I felt this way.”

Tell them you hear them and you love them. Thank them for sharing.

Photo by Natalie Tanner 2009

Photo by Natalie Tanner 2009


Now you ask them to listen to you in return and you share. You both have to be willing to hear one another out with an open heart and mind.

This takes courage, honesty, openness and vulnerability, but you can do it, I promise.

Now you work towards finding a common goal. Can you both agree to a solution, or do you both feel equally passionate that there is not a solution? Is there a possible compromise?

Is it possible to both feel differently and respectfully allow that?

One easy way to do so, it to say “You're right.”

Check out my mentor Marie Forleo's video on these two magic words here.

What?! What if I don't believe that they are right? That's okay. What's more important to you? Being right, or validating the person that you love?

I have learned from my big-hearted husband, that when you love someone you don't have to be right. Being right makes them wrong and it never feels good to be wrong.

All you have to do is say, I hear you. You're right. I love you.

Agree with them even if you don't. Now, wait a minute. I hear you, you're wondering how I could ask you to say this, because this isn't genuine is it? If you don't really feel this way, would it be lying to your partner to say otherwise?

Hmmm.....put on your seat belts, we are journeying into a lovely, but bumpy place I like to call land of the gray area.

Just kidding. It's not a gray area!!

It's a lie if you don't believe it, yes. Absolutely. But how can you not believe it? Oh it's your ego, yeah that's it. Maturity, love and respect don't require you to be right about anything except loving and validating your partner and nurturing your relationship with them.

Here's how it works.

Is it true that your partner believes what they are saying?


Is it true that you love them and believe in them?


Then is it true to say, “I hear you, you're right (and I LOVE YOU).”

Hell YES.

Do you get it?

It doesn't mean you agree. It just means they get to feel how they feel, because feelings are never wrong.

Now you still don't necessarily agree. What's next?

You say something like “Will you hear me out? I feel this way,” {insert your accountable this is how I feel statement} and you lovingly, kindly, (with accountability like we discussed above) share your perspective.

Then if both your statement and theirs are still different, that's okay. You both accept that you don't have to feel the same way. You don't have to agree on everything but you can still love each other, support each other and validate each others feelings.

Okay that's all well and good but how do we apply this disagreeing about where to go to dinner? What night is date night? When to schedule sex? (Yes scheduling sex, we'll get to that in another post.)

Well there's more work to do there isn't there, but hearing each other out, validating each others feelings will go so much further than fighting about it.

Try it and see how it works, and please report back and share your experience in the comments below. Your experience may be just what someone else needs to hear to help them on their relationship journey.

Until next time, love, light & magic from my heart to yours,





Weekly Oracle/Tarot Reading & Intuitive Insights for the week of 3-20-2016 to 3-27-2016

Welcome to our first ever weekly Oracle/Tarot Reading on the blog.

This week's reading includes cards from 3 different beautiful decks with the messages from the cards as well as my intuitive insights to offer you guidance and support for the week ahead.

There is a lot of intense energy this week, celestial events are happening, and you can expect that to show up for you in all kinds of ways.

Our color inspiration & magic this week:  Yellow Sand from The Color Mage Oracle by Bernard Charles

This color is bright but also soothing and soft and speaks to me right now of patience, inspiration and divine timing. While all this intense celestial energy (lunar eclipse on Wednesday) is going on be sure to be kind, gentle and patient with yourself. Let things unfold as they do without force or pressure (or resistance.)

The Devil Card from The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck by Kim Krans

This devil is not the personified Christian devil and it does not represent evil. This goat is feisty, and playful with hot little hoofs! He shows up as a reminder to avoid negativity, materialism and things of an addictive nature (and yes this includes junk foods and sugar). This is coming up as especially strong right now as the celestial energies this week are going to be intense. Avoid those temptations and focus instead on self-care. Wrap yourself in that gentle, soothing yellow sand color and be patient until things ease up again.

Accept Compliments & A New Day from Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy Love Notes

Accept Compliments: 
Tapping into the law of attraction we must open ourselves up to receive. This includes compliments! Be mindful as you receive compliments this week (and always!) and graciously and genuinely say Thank you! You deserve it, feel grateful and believe that you are worthy. A compliment is a gift to the giver and the receiver.

A New Day:
Everyday is a new day beautiful. Time to let go with love and appreciation all that came before, and be in this present moment full of possibilities. Life is your canvas, paint it with this present moment, paint it with love, and let go of anything and everything that does not serve your highest purpose.

Thank you for being here.  I am grateful for you. I am sending you love and blessings
 for your week ahead.

I'd love to hear from you, did you have a break through or gain any insights from this reading?

 I always love to hear from you. Feel free to ask any questions and discuss in the comments below.  Your question might be exactly what someone else needs to hear.

Please email me if you'd like more information or if you're interested in a private, personalized tarot/oracle reading with me: kadee@kadeeclark.com

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Love, light & magic


How do you want to feel?

Hi, I'm Kadee. I'm a recovering people pleaser. I grew up so focused on making everyone else happy, I didn't really learn what made me happy. I so desperately wanted to be liked and loved that I spent my time and energy giving other people what they wanted, but didn't really think too much about what I wanted.

This may seem harmless enough but do it long enough, you lose yourself. Your identity becomes tied up in giving to others, not yourself, and if you're like me, you give too much, too often at your own expense. It takes a lot of energy to give to other people, and if you aren't being careful to fill up your own energy reserves by also giving to yourself, knowing what your own needs are and filling them, you'll find yourself depleted like I did.

I spent a lot of my childhood, adolescence and early adulthood being exhausted, sleep deprived and physically ill, with chronic strep throat and sinus infections. I wasn't taking care of myself, and even when I was sick, I was still going out of my way to be there for other people. Unfortunately they didn't show up for me in the same way which then lead to my having resentments. Clearly not a healthy pattern.

I also found I wasn't attracting the kinds of people I wanted in my life as my friends or to date. This behavior lead me to a devastating and abusive marriage with a man I was completely incompatible with, and to having friends that broke my heart by betraying my loyalty and trust.

This unhealthy pattern in my life also lead to my changing jobs and apartments over and over for more than a decade, never being able to find a job that worked for me or a home that felt right.

Why? because I wasn't clear on who I was and what I wanted from others and myself. I didn't know how I wanted to feel. I also didn't have clear boundaries (knowing yourself and what you want is essential to having clear boundaries.)

Job after job failed because those jobs didn't honor my strongest desire in life, which I now know is to feel free. Relationship after relationship didn't work because I wasn't honoring myself and my needs and how I wanted to feel.

Through trial and error I definitely learned what I didn't want, but I got tired of learning through mistakes. Learning that way hurt, a lot. But learning what you don't want can serve as a guide to helping you discover what you do want especially if you're like me and have spent far too much of your life worrying about what everyone else wants.

One of the most valuable things I discovered was learning what my “Core Desired Feelings” are as Danielle Laporte's amazing book The Desire Map calls them, or my “governing values” as Hyrum Smith calls them in his book The 10 Natural Laws of Successful Time and Life Management.

We all have things we value more than anything else that determine the choices we make in our lives. These core desired feelings/governing values can change over time, they are not static.

My core desired feelings for 2016 are free/freedom, ease, peace, intention, intuition and magic. These six feelings influence my every decision in my life now. 

I have found my strongest core desired feeling is Freedom and every choice I make now is intentional (intention is another of my core desired feelings.) I ask myself, does this choice make me feel free? If the answer is no I look into other options that feel free whenever possible to honor my deepest desire to feel free in my life.

Not feeling free is why most of my previous jobs failed and why I finally had the courage to pursue entrepreneurship. My previous jobs didn't make me feel free, in fact I felt imprisoned by them, so much so I felt like a part of my spirit was dying and I lost my creative energy and spark while working those jobs. There was nothing wrong with the job itself, and I was truly thankful to be employed, but the job wasn't honoring my core desired feeling. I desire freedom above all else, the freedom to set my own schedule and hours, freedom to do the kind of work I'm passionate about and that lights me up. I have to feel free and now that I know that, and operate from that space my entire life has transformed.

I'm happier and healthier than I've been before because I'm living in alignment with how I want to feel. I have my own business transforming lives and relationships, working when I want and how I want to. I have a beautiful partnership with the most amazing man I've been honored to share almost a decade of my life with.

Do you know how you want to feel?

If not, I would love to support you in uncovering your core desired feelings. Knowing who you are, and what you want at the deepest level will change your life for the better in powerful and unexpected ways.


I made this nifty image of my core desired feeling with a program called Tagul.


You are enough exactly as you are.

There seem to be endless negative messages being fed to us at every turn that we are somehow less than.

We live in a world where the media, advertising, marketing, and culture tell us we are not enough.

These businesses make billions of dollars preying off of our insecurities. 

They need us to feel less than, unworthy, unattractive and undesirable to be convinced that buying a product or service they offer will change that.

But buying what their selling doesn't change that. Instead it keeps us always wanting more, never feeling satisfied, never feeling valuable or worthy.

These messages keep us like rabbits chasing a carrot. We're always chasing it, and it's always just out of reach.

We grow up comparing ourselves to unattainable ideals of what we are told “beauty” is. We are taught that others must desire us in some way to be worthy. We are taught to compete with one another instead of inspire and uplift and support one another.

I'm here to call B.S. and silence that noise!

Take a moment as you read the following words to really let them sink in.

You are divine.

You are worthy.

You are deserving.

You are enough, exactly as you are.

You are enough.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with you.

You don't need to change anything or be anything other than who you are in this exact moment.
No one else on earth has your unique gifts.

Only you.

You are that precious.

We need you.


Believe it.

It's natural to feel resistance to learning to love yourself, but I promise you it does get easier in time. It gets easier to feel confident in yourself as you are, to feel beautiful at any size or shape (because you are!) It gets easier to set healthy boundaries in our lives and to give our time to those deserving of it. It gets easier to end relationships that are unhealthy for us or that bring us down.

Our time and energy are precious, and we must protect it, and ourselves from those would try and steal it away from us.

All this happens when we learn to love ourselves and extend that love out into the world.

We silence the voices in the media, our social circles, friends and family that tell us otherwise.

We unfriend those that judge or criticize us.

Each door we close with an unhealthy relationship creates space in our lives to welcome a healthy new relationship.

When we love and appreciate ourselves, the world reflects that same love and appreciation back to us.

Special thanks for the beautiful watercolor background gifted by artist  Mellie . 

Special thanks for the beautiful watercolor background gifted by artist Mellie


Are you worried about failing? What if you succeed?

Do you find yourself thinking of the worst case scenario when something happens in your life?  

 I used to do this ALL of the time.

Whenever a challenging situation would arise for me, I used to think of every possible worst case scenario. I felt it was my way of protecting myself from unknown future outcomes.

I wasn't aware of it at the time but behaving that way came from a place of being afraid and only created more fear. Did the worst case scenario happen? Nope, never. Did some bad things happen? You betcha, many times (because life, right?) and did all my hard work of “preparing myself” with all those negative thoughts help like I thought it would? Not at all! Not one tiny bit.

In fact, in retrospect I think many of the bad things that happened to me back then happened because I was living in a state of fear, negativity and anxiety. 

Tweet: What we put our attention on, is what we attract into our life. via @kreativekadence

What we put our attention on, is what we attract into our life.

I hadn't learned that I had the power to think of positive outcomes and shape my reality.

My life has transformed in beautiful ways through this simple change in both my thoughts and my awareness and yours can too.

Take one negative thought that has been on your mind.  Then transform it.

For example you're afraid of failure and you think:
What if I fail?

What if instead you change your thought to

What if I succeed?

How does that feel to you?  Can you feel the difference?

Anytime you feel that fear creeping in, or those negative thoughts, ask yourself again and again, What if I succeed?

Write it out  and put it somewhere you'll see if it often as a great reminder too.

What negative thought are you transforming into a positive one today?  

Share in the comments below, let's support, inspire, encourage and uplift each other on our journey of self-love and personal growth.

Love, light & magic


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