Are you worried about failing? What if you succeed?

Do you find yourself thinking of the worst case scenario when something happens in your life?  

 I used to do this ALL of the time.

Whenever a challenging situation would arise for me, I used to think of every possible worst case scenario. I felt it was my way of protecting myself from unknown future outcomes.

I wasn't aware of it at the time but behaving that way came from a place of being afraid and only created more fear. Did the worst case scenario happen? Nope, never. Did some bad things happen? You betcha, many times (because life, right?) and did all my hard work of “preparing myself” with all those negative thoughts help like I thought it would? Not at all! Not one tiny bit.

In fact, in retrospect I think many of the bad things that happened to me back then happened because I was living in a state of fear, negativity and anxiety. 

Tweet: What we put our attention on, is what we attract into our life. via @kreativekadence

What we put our attention on, is what we attract into our life.

I hadn't learned that I had the power to think of positive outcomes and shape my reality.

My life has transformed in beautiful ways through this simple change in both my thoughts and my awareness and yours can too.

Take one negative thought that has been on your mind.  Then transform it.

For example you're afraid of failure and you think:
What if I fail?

What if instead you change your thought to

What if I succeed?

How does that feel to you?  Can you feel the difference?

Anytime you feel that fear creeping in, or those negative thoughts, ask yourself again and again, What if I succeed?

Write it out  and put it somewhere you'll see if it often as a great reminder too.

What negative thought are you transforming into a positive one today?  

Share in the comments below, let's support, inspire, encourage and uplift each other on our journey of self-love and personal growth.

Love, light & magic


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