Weekly Oracle/Tarot Reading & Intuitive Insights for the week of 4-11-2016 to 4-18-2016

How are you? This week's new moon energy of letting go and release was unexpectedly powerful for me! How are you feeling? Did you release and/or let go of something big/unexpected?

Turned out I encountered an upper limit issue. One I didn't see coming! True to form my upper limit issues tend to show up when I least expect them, because that is kind of how they work!

Oddly enough just are you are getting into a really good place in your life, whether it be life in general, your job, your relationships, or a money situation, an upper limit issue can show up! It's natural, it's our brain's way of trying to protect us. It shows up to keep us from moving forward and growing.

For example you've been saving up money for something really special for a long time, but each time you get close to achieving it, some kind of financial problem will arise that will come and take that money away, keeping you from having it. Then the cycle continues again and again and you can't seem to ever have enough money to get what it is you want.

However, if you become aware of it (it being the upper limit) you can move past it and stop that cycle! There is much to be learned from these experiences that help us move into our next level in our personal development  (we call that the Upper Echelon) especially if we can maintain awareness of what is happening.

I did our reading early this week to get insights on how to move through my upper limit issue that hit me so hard on Thursday and Friday. It resonated so strongly with me and I hope it will serve you as this energy from the new moon continues to move through and we begin the week ahead.

This week I used one of my favorite decks, it's the Witches Tarot by Ellen Cannon Reed and Martin Cannon.

This beautiful deck was gifted to me by a descendant of Romanian gypsies I once knew. It is the first tarot deck I ever owned. I actually held onto the deck for 2 years before I began to explore reading and using tarot.

Two of wands:

I love this card because this wise looking man is holding a wand and leaves are floating up in the air above the wand in a circle, it looks very magical and speaks to me of the power we have to create what we want to create, just like magic in our lives!

We are at a place where ideas that have been planted and have gestated and it's time for them to sprout and grow! Nourish them and make sure to nourish yourself! There is still a lot of work ahead, but you will achieve what you desire if you continue down the path you've decided on. Stay the course, you've got this! Trust and believe in yourself! You have the power, the magic, the ambition and the determination to do what it takes.

Eight of Cups:


The eight cups are full and overflowing, they have reached capacity and can hold no more. Energy is being wasted and will continue to be wasted if you keep filling these already full cups. It's time to let go and move on, no matter how hard it may feel or how much it will hurt. It's time to feel this pain, face the truth, and hurt if it hurts. Don't fear the pain, the pain is all part of a very much needed process of letting go.

A beautiful quote by one of my favorite poets Kahlil Gibran says “One of the hardest lessons in life is letting go. Whether it's guilt, anger, love, loss. Change is never easy, You fight to hold on, And you fight to let go.”

It's our nature to do this, but being aware of it may help us ease through to the freedom awaiting us on the other side. You are breaking through, there is no other course of action to take now as stagnation is not an option and you cannot go backwards, there is only one way, forward, and the time to go is now. This card can directly relate to relationships or issues in relationships.

For me personally this week it meant letting go of an illusion I was entertaining in my marriage, one that wasn't helping me or my husband. It was hard to let go, I had a lot of fears come up, a lot of pain, and so many tears, but in working through this I connected to my truth and it helped my husband and I be stronger and more solid than ever. I feel more loved, seen and understood by him than ever before.



Pumpkin, Dance for life and love

Fun story about this card! I was present for a live video by Bernard Charles on March 28th, (you can find it on his Facebook page ) and Bernard chose this card for me! I loved the reading so much and resonated so strongly with it, this color is also one of my brand colors for Kreative Kadence, so I connect very deeply to this color.

The way Bernard shared it was magical, like Cinderella, and I love that when I was feeling so vulnerable and in such a painful place personally this week, that this card came up for me again in my own reading. I love to dance, to move my body, to reconnect to the magic in the world and in myself. May this card remind you to do the same this week ahead, dance this heaviness from the powerful releasing and letting go energy of the new moon, embrace playfulness, embrace the freedom!

Which leads me to the final card which sums up this whole process and experience so beautifully!

something bigger is on the way from kris carr's crazy sexy love notes.

Something bigger is on the way

A reward for all the hard work, the pain, the release (the breaking open of our hearts and selves, also known as growing pains.) It can hurt to move out of old stories, paradigms etc. to break open, like the baby chicken breaking out of it's shell, it can be hard work, but it's necessary to grow, to live, to thrive.

This card inspires us, reminds us, and gives us hope that there is more to come, bigger, better things are just around the corner, and all of this is part of that process to get us there, to get us ready for what is to come! We are breaking through our “glass ceilings”  a dear friend says she sees the glass ceiling as water! Gorgeous! I love that so much. It's not glass it's water and you can move through water with ease.

There are no limitations, don't let fear hold you back. Right when things are going so well, can be right when we start to get scared, negative thoughts come up, we feel undeserving of the goodness (even if we're not aware of it) and can subconsciously sabotage ourselves so we stay “safe” instead of growing into the unknown that awaits us. (I get it, the unknown is so scary sometimes, it's natural to want to stay where things are comfortable and familiar.)

Become aware of this, these voices are just voices, thank them and let them move through. There is nothing to fear about the unknown, what is more scary is stagnation, not growing, not becoming the best version of you, you deserve to be! You deserve goodness, you are worthy! You get to have what you want. “Bigger things are on the way!”

Until next time,

Love & light,


Ps- Almost finished with Project Mayhem! 

Before, a really pretty photo of our duplex before we moved in, November 2013.

Before, a really pretty photo of our duplex before we moved in, November 2013.

After-- both doors are red! April 2016.  I'll try and get better photo later when the light is softer so you can really see this bright beautiful color pop.

After-- both doors are red! April 2016.  I'll try and get better photo later when the light is softer so you can really see this bright beautiful color pop.