Weekly Oracle/Tarot Reading & Intuitive Insights for 4-19-2016 to 4-25-2016

Hello Kreative! This week's reading comes just as Mars, Pluto and Mercury (yep, that's right Mercury retrograde again) join Saturn (my ruling planet, I'm a Capricorn) and Jupiter both already in retrograde. Check out the Astrotwins April Monthly Horoscope  for more information on how these planetary shifts are affecting the cosmic energies. For more information you can also read your monthly and weekly horoscope for your astrological sign on their website as well.

My optimistic and inspiring friend and fellow coach Sairah Pettes of Turn Up the Love (be sure to visit her gorgeous website to learn more about her and how she helps women learn to eat mindfully!) introduced me to the Astrotwins whom I trust for insightful and accurate horoscopes to help guide my life and my path as a healer, a leader and a light worker.

My April forecast from the Astrotwins has been spot on. I have been in nesting mode something fierce! We've been moving furniture, old things out, newer things in, decorating, painting (remember project mayhem? ) and up-leveling our comfort in the space my husband and I both spend the majority of our time (we are both blessed to work from home.)

We decided to keep many of the furnishings from our rental unit next door and incorporate them into our home. We still have to pay off all this furniture, many of the items are things we could use and didn't have, and we'd lose a lot of money on selling them, so it made sense to keep what we could and sell the rest. This transition has been a lot more work than I'd anticipated, but it has been so worth it. Our home feels completely transformed and I could not be happier!

I recently bought some 400 thread super soft 100% cotton sheets (on clearance too! YAY!) and a new-to-me bed frame and mattress (thank you kind strangers on craigslist for the great deal. I love to buy gently used items instead of buying things new whenever possible.) It feels amazing to treat myself to something I've wanted for many, many years now and the nicest sheets I've ever slept in. Next on my list (asap!) is a memory foam topper for my bed as this mattress is far too firm for my poor neck and back, ouch!

My son received my previous bed and memory foam topper and he also snagged my deep purple sheets as well. He ended up picking out a really cool zebra print blanket and pillow for his new-to-him bed. 

I've been craving new comfort/loungy clothes to wear around the house instead of my go-too schlubby old sweats, so that's next on the list when our budget permits. How we dress does affect our moods, energy and confidence, even if you're alone and working at home like I do.

How are the planetary retrogrades affecting you? There is nothing to fear, even Mercury retrograde can be viewed in a positive light, as a time to restore, rest, reflect and review.

He took this photo on his phone and sent it to me. The kid has great taste, what can I say. :) If you look closely you can see the purple sheets on the pillow cases behind the rainbow zebra striped pillow.

He took this photo on his phone and sent it to me. The kid has great taste, what can I say. :) If you look closely you can see the purple sheets on the pillow cases behind the rainbow zebra striped pillow.

My new-to-me Ikea Malm bed frame, mattress, new sheets (you can't see but they are white and really soft and nice) and my Ikea duvet and duvet cover I snagged from our vacation rental next door (also the two tables and one of the lamps.)

My new-to-me Ikea Malm bed frame, mattress, new sheets (you can't see but they are white and really soft and nice) and my Ikea duvet and duvet cover I snagged from our vacation rental next door (also the two tables and one of the lamps.)

There is so much goodness from Mercury retrograde, even though it can have its bumps too. It's how you prepare, and move through the bumps (with patience and being kind and gentle to yourself through the process) that makes the difference and being aware and taking extra precautions (especially in regards to anything technology related) will serve you during this time.

May this reading serve and support you in your week ahead as the final three planets move into retrograde.

The 8 of Pentacles from The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck by Kim Krans

I love spiders! They are such fascinating creatures. The highly intelligent, precise engineer has carefully crafted her web. Building a web is her life's work, and is as natural to her as breathing and being/existing. This card represents honing your craft and your life's work and purpose Kreative. It's time to focus on work that brings your joy, whether it be your career or a hobby, or maybe both! Invest in yourself, put in the time and the effort in to improve upon your skills, and utilize your talents.

It will take work, but it will be worth it. You too can be like the spider when you master your craft as well, you'll be so good at what you do it that although it's not, it will appear effortless.

It's a good time take some community education classes, go to a seminar, or take some college courses to become the master of your craft. Learning can be part of the adventure so don't be intimidated, keep the end goal in mind and enjoy the process.

Our color inspiration & magic this week: Wise Owl from The Color Mage Oracle by Bernard Charles

Inner wisdom and foresight.

It's no accident this card literally hopped right out of the deck as I began to shuffle asking for guidance for our week ahead specifically in regards to the five planets in retrograde.

Owls have long been an archetype for wisdom, and knowledge. Their large eyes seeing more than we humans can even in the dark of night.

Inner wisdom, a dark purple that reminds me of midnight skies. I once saw the sky this color while driving in the desert southwest of Salt Lake City Utah about 18 years ago. It was night time, the nearly full moon was shining brightly onto the desert landscape and it began to rain a very soft, light sprinkle. For the first time in my life I saw a night rainbow (two of them no less, a double night rainbow, also known as lunar rainbows.) The rainbow was whitish purple and black against this almost indigo sky I didn't even know the moonlight could create a rainbow. It was pure magic! I have only seen a lunar rainbow one time since, they are quite rare sightings. Have you ever seen one?

Tap into your deeper inner knowing, what you feel in your heart, your intuition. Be you own guide. Trust yourself. Know that you have the answers. Silence outside voices. Pay attention and watch for the clues around you, and notice how your body feels. Does your heart expand with a feeling of excitement, joy, and peace or do you feel fearful and constricted?

You know what is right for you, always, but have you stopped paying attention? Have you stopped listening to that voice that guides you to your truth? The more you listen to your intuition the stronger it becomes.

I use my intuition to guide my every decision and it has made making choices in my life infinitely easier, even when I get to the really difficult choices where it's so difficult for me to feel clearly what I want because I so badly want to make others happy.

My husband has helped me learn that I will make others happiest, when I listen to, follow and honor my own truth, instead of sacrificing my own happiness for someone else.

Be Gentle With Yourself from Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy Love Notes

This is actually the first card I picked for us this week before the tarot and color cards, but I enjoy ending our readings with a Crazy Sexy Love Note.

This is a great reminder always. “Be gentle with yourself.” Treat yourself with loving kindness. Be patient with yourself. Rest when you need to rest. Do what feels good to you. Don't push harder than you have to. Don't sacrifice your happiness for the happiness of others. Trust the divine timing. Make choices from a place of power and sustainability instead of depletion. Keep your love bucket full my friend! We cannot give from an empty bucket, and it will only leave you feeling empty, used up and depleted if you do. No bueno.

We can be our toughest critic. It seems no voice could ever speak to us as harshly or cruelly as we can sometimes talk to ourselves. Learn to let go of that negative self-talk. Transform it into affirmations of gratitude. Here's some examples.

I am worthy. I am enough. I am beautiful. I am valuable. I love myself. I love my body. I'm grateful for my body. I am awesome. I deserve happiness.

It may feel strange at first, we are so used to feeling that we are never enough (oh but you are, you are ALWAYS enough!!) but say it to yourself in your mind, say it to yourself out loud, write it out on post it notes, 4x6 note cards, put them everywhere until you start to believe the truth about yourself.

Wishing you a peaceful transition into the quintet of planetary retrogrades this week and always.

Love, light & magic,