Weekly Oracle/Tarot Reading & Intuitive Insights for the week of 04-03-2016 to 04-10-2016

Greetings! It's the first Sunday in April, and April is the astrological new year. So happy New Year once again! Do you feel the energy of 'new' coming up?

Today I asked the universe to give us guidance for this new month, and the cards that came up are stunning! It appears this new month, is one of new beginnings.

El Sol, Shapeshift, Ace of Pentacles, and Wishes Fulfilled.

After I drew these cards I went on a beautiful hike to enjoy this unusually cool spring day here in Florida. Hiram discovered an awesome local sandwich shop that had 2 vegetarian sandwiches on the menu! We went with the Greek sub and it was awesome! We then went to the beautiful Ravine Gardens State Park. Unfortunately we missed the Azaleas in full bloom, but there were still a few pretty blossoms left for us to enjoy. It was the most wonderful day out in the sunshine, fresh air. I feel totally refreshed. A perfect Sunday!


Our color inspiration & magic this week: El Sol and Shapeshift from The Color Mage Oracle by Bernard Charles

El Sol, Deserved Reward and Purpose

El Sol is Spanish for the sun. This card/color is really special to me as we named our duplex we live in Casitas Del Sol. I love the word Sol, that also sounds like the word soul. I love that this color popped right out of the deck next to beautiful Shapeshift. This week (month, and year) let's channel the beauty, brilliance, brightness and energy of the sun.

There is light and dark with El Sol, sunshine and shade. What may the sun shine light on in your life? Is there something you need to see? It's time to let the light shine and face what lies ahead with open arms.

The sun gives us continuity, it gives us warmth, it literally gives us life. How can you breathe new energy into your life this week? Perhaps time to start a new workout, or change up your workout, wear El Sol in your wardrobe? (It inspired the yellow shirt I wore to the gardens today.)

Maybe buy yourself some beautiful yellow flowers, or maybe pick some golden wildflowers? Great creative in how you channel this powerful, vibrant energy in your life this week.

Shapeshift: Myth & Magic

Shapeshift is a shade of purple, and purple is a mixture and two primary colors red and blue. Just like the name shapeshift, the colors red and blue shift from two bold colors, one hot and one cold color into this delicious mixture of purple, known to be a powerful, spiritual, intuitive and divine color. It's quite magical.

I am loving how this card speaks to use of myth and magic this week. Can you find ways to notice the magic in the mundane? There is so much magic in our world and in our lives if we just take a moment to notice. Hiram and I have been going on bike rides again daily since he helped me fix my broken rear derailer (that was quite an odd thing to break while riding but I'm pretty talented like that sometimes!) and both yesterday and today we have had red shouldered hawks appear to us and cross our paths. Magic!

While photographing a beautiful water lily, a dragonfly landed right in my shot! Magic!

The perfect, unusually cool weather today, the sunshine, the peace and calm we've been feeling ever after so much has been going on for us. Magic. Embrace magic, embrace myth, story, what serves and inspires you. Wear this color, drink or eat this color. I am craving grapes just looking at it! Embrace purple shapeshift for a magical week ahead!

The Ace of Pentacles from The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck by Kim Krans

The Ace of Pentacles: Prosperous Beginnings

This card feels really perfect for April. Abundant, prosperous beginnings. There's a new moon just around the corner, get clear on your intentions. What does a prosperous beginning look like to you? What would you like to create? Now is your time. This month will start out prosperous and that prosperity can bring more abundance and good fortune your way. Tap into this vital spring energy of rebirth, renewal make sure to get outside, and connect with nature and the earth. Make this prosperous beginning one of many more to come. Even the largest tree once started as a tiny seed. Start small, progress not perfection, have faith and create space for growth.

Wishes Fulfilled from Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy Love Notes

Wishes Fulfilled:

Such a perfect card to accompany the Ace of Pentacles. I'll let the words on the card speak for themselves, because they sum up the energy and intention of this reading beautifully.

I wish you the most prosperous new beginning full of sunshine, magic and courage to make your dreams reality.

Be sure to check back next Monday for our next weekly reading and share in the comments below how you plan to use these colors and what your intentions are for your prosperous new beginning this week.

Love, light & magic


Ps--The Red Door project, I'm affectionately calling Project Mayhem is going well. I'm so happy with the results. Almost finished, I have one more final coat on this door and am about to start it all over again on door number 2.  Feel free to check out my Facebook album for all the fun DIY project details, ups and downs.

Before:  Yuck! Boring, dirty, multiple shades of white.

Before:  Yuck! Boring, dirty, multiple shades of white.

After:  It was so much work, but I LOVE the change.

After:  It was so much work, but I LOVE the change.