Weekly Oracle/Tarot Reading & Intuitive Insights for 5-24-2016 to 5-31-2016

Hello Kreative! Welcome to this week's Oracle/Tarot & Intuitive Insight reading. I am back from enjoying my mom's visit. We fit in many fun things to do during her time here had a great time together. How was your week?

Butterflies came up as messengers for me this week.  A beautiful monarch butterfly landed near me on the cement near the spring at Deleon Springs where my son and I sat with our feet in the brisk 72 degree water.  My son saw the butterfly first and said "look mom, a butterfly came to say hello," I looked over and sure enough there she was,  just a few feet from me.  I felt a wave of peace come over me confirming I had made the right decision, though it was a difficult one.

 Monarch butterflies have long been one of  my spirit insects since I rescued and befriended one once as child. It was the first time I'd seen one in years.  My mom bought me a beautiful necklace from the gift shop at the Sugar Mill where we cooked and ate a pancake breakfast (they have gluten-free vegan batter too!)  The necklace is made from a real butterfly wing. No butterflies are harmed as the wings are harvested after the insects natural death on a rain forest nature preserve and then the jewelry is made by local artists.  Do you have a spirit insect? 

A few days later at beautiful, historic Washington Oaks Gardens  my mom and I saw three more monarch butterflies and I managed to capture a photograph of one for the first time ever with my little point and shoot camera. 

Sugar Mill/Deleon Springs

Secrets of St. Augustine Ghost Tour

Princess Place Preserve

Washington Oaks Gardens

Bulow Ruins

 St. Augustine Beach


Our reading for this week, Dragon, Chariot and Trust your Intuition.



Dragon: Power and Legacy

Dragon. Deep, dark and fierce. 

This color resonated so strongly with me the moment I pulled it from the deck and I was not the least bit surprised to see it. The message the past few weeks of Mercury Retrograde brought up for me were divine self-care, and owning my power.

I have made and continued to make many choices where I have not honored what my intuition has told me and I let go of my power by giving it away to others. The legacy I want to leave is not one of giving my power away to others, it is a legacy of living my authentic truth as my genuine self and standing strong and confident in my personal power. This feels like divine self-love to me. As my beloved husband Hiram always reminds me, it is not always easy to be ourselves when we face challenges, but in being our truest selves, people will love and respect us more than if we give up who we are and what we want to please them, especially when giving up who and what we are to others can lead you to resentment.

This reminds me of a time when I found out that people I thought were my friends and really enjoyed being with me didn't. They were pretending to avoid hurting my feelings. Inevitably my feelings were hurt far more in the end when I found out the truth, because I felt lied to and betrayed that they had spent so much time with me, when they hadn't really wanted to and they didn't like me or enjoy my company. Ouch!

This lesson has been a painful and powerful reminder in my own life not to treat others that way. I'm doing no one any favors if I pretend I enjoy them or that we are friends if I truly do not enjoy that person or want to spend time with them. Better to rip off the proverbial bandage and set us both free to enjoy spending our precious time with those who are in alignment with us and our values. That feels like sweet, delicious, glorious freedom to me, how about you?

This week channel this rich, dark, elegant Dragon green. Have you heard of Dino kale? Try it, it is nutrient rich leafy green and it is great raw and massaged with a little olive oil, salt and pepper, and a splash of lemon, you can saute' it, or my personal favorite is to toss it into smoothies. After a powerful few weeks of Mercury retrograde my intuition is guiding me to eat my leafy greens, and I encourage you to do so also.

How else can you bring this color energy into your life this week? Perhaps spending time in a forest where you are surrounded by deep green evergreen trees?

Though not dragon green, I also suggest Chaga if you're in need of some extra antioxidant support. I've been under an unusual amount of stress these past few weeks and I felt like I was on the verge of getting sick. My intuition guided me to drink Chaga last week, so I made sure to have 1-2 glasses every day! I learned about Chaga from  Nicole Marie of Create with Soul in her beautiful program Mystics Apothecary. I purchased it from Chaga Mama on Etsy


Chariot: Strong Will, Triump

By acting on your intuition, powerful, magical changes are happening. This card is a reminder of our true nature/self. Turn inward, trusting you have the answers you seek, that all changes will be beneficial for you. Take time to yourself to be contemplative, calculated and then with powerful force move forward with confidence. Your recent challenges are behind you, and it's time to revel in the triumph of all you've achieved and created. Take this momentum as you embrace the changes in front of you trusting in the outcome.


Fitting isn't it? It often feels like I looked through the deck to pick out the perfect card, but this is what happens when I trust intuition. I shuffle, and the right cards with the messages we need to hear are the ones that are chosen (or sometimes fly out of the deck, not uncommon!)

This message is so simple and so clear. As I went through a very challenging few weeks my husband was the voice echoing my intuition. He kept asking me “how many times are you going to ignore your intuition.” Wow! He was right. I was so caught up in people-pleasing because of financial worries, and desperately working towards win/win situations instead of focusing on the boundaries I had chosen in the first place (and why I'd chosen them.) My ego had bullied my intuition into the background, but it was still there, and still gently reminding me over and over, “this doesn't feel right, let go, move on.”

I still gave things as many chances as I could but then it reached the point where I could not ignore my intuition any longer and I pulled the plug. Now we are moving in an entirely new direction that feels exhilarating because it is in alignment with my core desired feelings of peace, ease and freedom. I let go of all attachment to it with the full moon and have felt contentment and peace ever since.

Are you listening to your intuition, or is it being crowded out by the voice of your ego? Take some time this week to get still, be alone and really listen to what your intuitive guidance has to tell you. You have the answers you seek inside you, trust yourself.

Does this reading resonate with you?  I always love to hear from you. Feel free to ask any questions and discuss in the comments below.  Your question might be exactly what someone else needs to hear.

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