Weekly Oracle/Tarot Reading & Intuitive Insights for 5-9-2016 to 5-23-2016

I hope you had a lovely Sunday and Mother's Day Kreative.  My mom is coming to town to visit for five days this coming weekend, so I won't be online this Sunday/Monday to share a reading as I'll be having a belated mother's day visit with my mom. I'm so grateful she can come to be with me.

Our cards for this and next week: Coral, Temperance, You are healing, 6 of cups and 8 of swords.


Coral: Mercy and Forgiveness

This week keep in mind being merciful with others, but just as importantly with yourself. What have you been holding onto that you just can't forgive yourself for? Use the power and energy of the color coral to help you let it go. You deserve to be forgiven, haven't you suffered enough? We are harder on ourselves than anyone else is or probably ever could be. We will punish ourselves for something for years and years, even though we've suffered so much guilt, remorse and have done what we can to make things right. It's time to let go and forgive yourself. Honor your inner child, have mercy with her and yourself, and let go.

A beautiful coral azalea -2016

A beautiful coral azalea -2016

Stop punishing yourself dear one. You deserve compassion and kindness, give it to yourself first, the same kindness and compassion you so freely give to others. If you allow others certain freedoms in your life, do you also allow yourself those same freedoms? Do you hold others to a lower standard, than you hold yourself to? Ask yourself why you hold yourself to such an impossibly high standard that only leaves you feeling less than and defeated. Like the golden rule (treat others as you would like to be treated) try this instead, treat yourself how you treat others. I get the feeling this is going to be difficult for some of you, I know it's a challenge for me, but I know you're up for the challenge!

Where can you use the color coral to help you find mercy and forgiveness for yourself and others this week? Do you have something beautiful you can wear? A photograph to look at, a flower (or in this case a photo of a flower: enjoy this photo of a coral Azalea I took earlier this spring at The Ravine Garden's State Park in Palatka Florida) is there a coral colored food you can eat, an essential oil you can diffuse into the air, or a crystal you can use to channel this color? There's no wrong way to bring this color into your world to serve you.  Do what feels right to you.


The great blue heron is depicted here. Great blue herons are large, beautiful birds. I didn't see one in person until I moved to Florida in 2010. Now I see them quite often. They are majestic, and their feathers are almost a slate grey, and, deep, dark blue with hints of green. Last year I was blessed to photograph a mother heron and her two eggs at the Alligator Farm Native Bird Rookery in St. Augustine Florida. Thirteen days later I photographed the same mother and one of her surviving chicks. 

This card brings with it the message of balance and moderation, energies of renewal and healing. It's time to moderate for yourself. Are there areas of your life that have been out of balance? Sometimes we must move from one extreme to another before we gain the perspective needed to find balance. This card encourages you to do that this week, like colors blending together, blue and yellow making green, what can you blend together to create more harmony, more peace and more renewal in your life? Where you can you carve out time, space, and energy for healing?






How perfect that this card followed the Temperance card. Yes, you are healing. Be kind, be gentle, and compassionate with yourself through this process. Take some extra time for some much needed and deserved rest and self-indulgence. Make self-care a non-negotiable in your life (if it's not already) make sure to put it on the calendar. Even if it's something as small as five minutes alone to yourself each morning before you start your day, or turning off your electronics 1 hour before bed each night. Taking care of you should be your number 1 priority yet how often is it your number 1 priority?

There have been a lot of big energies moving through us lately especially as Mercury joined the other four planets already in retrograde, followed by May's new moon in Taurus. As of today (Tuesday) Jupiter is no longer in retrograde!  Makes sure to check out your weekly horoscope from the Astrotwins for more information on how your astrology will influence you this week.) Big messages are coming through and you'll likely see them again and again (the messages seem to be coming up repeatedly in threes.) The universe is making sure we notice, there is guidance, we are not alone. Pay attention to the messages to help you ease through all these energetic shifts and transitions and the challenges they can bring with them. Find your calm and center in the midst of any storm that comes your way (remember The Temperance card.)

All these transitions, shifts and changes require a lot of energy, which is why we need to slow down as much as we can, and be sure to make time for rest and renewal. Getting good and enough sleep is extra important right now and making sure to stay hydrated. Take care of you, be patient with yourself, be kind to yourself and forgive yourself when you make a mistake, you are human, and we all make mistakes.

Give yourself time to heal from wounds new and old and let them take the time they need to do so, no rushing or forcing it. (This is all part of being gentle with yourself.)


Two extra cards came up for us this week and have me feeling really hopeful after a very challenging few weeks.

The 6 of cups:

This card reminds us to look forward and not keep our focus on the past. We may have old friends or lovers show up at this time, you may feel nostalgic or miss people who are no longer in your life. It may be time to revisit the past (perhaps like the Coral card reminds us,) you may have some forgiving to do so you can be free to move forward into your future, free from the past.

We are who we are today because of our past and we are stronger for the challenges we experienced. I would not trade the pain of my past if it meant I would not be who I am today, living the life I am living right now. Be grateful for the strength you possess now that resulted from the challenges you faced in your past. 

Move forward into your future with confidence. After all you've been through, you have all the strength and courage you need to face what the future holds for you.

The 8 of Swords:

Again this card reminds us to look back at our past, or even our current situation. Are you feeling stuck? Is this a case of a “catch-22” where you feel no matter what choice you make it is going to be the wrong one? This card reminds us that things may not be as bad as we may think (or as bad as they may appear to be.) You may need to confront old patterns, behaviors or belief systems now so that you can move forward. Again the message coming up is to find the place you have not forgiven yourself, and forgive yourself. The chains placed around the heart are your own, and only you can remove them. Set yourself free! Keep an open mind and heart and ask for support if you need or want it. You are not alone.

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