Weekly Oracle/Tarot Reading & Intuitive Insights for 6-14-2016 to 6-21-2016

Hello Kreatives,

Welcome back to this sacred virtual space. Thank you for being here.

I'd like to start by taking a moment to honor the victims of senseless crimes all over the globe. Love is the antidote to hate and in these trying times when our brothers and sisters are taken from us, we must focus on love, compassion, and keep that spirit and energy with us as we face the challenges of those who would harm and oppress us. It is the only way. Hatred only begets more hatred, and if we choose hate, they win.

This attack in Orlando speaks to my own fears that this world, and this state I live in, this country I live in, is not a safe place for myself or others to be who we are. This was a hate crime, based on sexual orientation and race, as well as an act of domestic terrorism by the perpetrator.

My heart is absolutely broken for the victims of this horrific crime and for tragedies like this happening all over the world that do not even make the news.

Pray for peace. Keep love in your heart. Choose kindness and compassion. Be the change.

This week's reading: Ace of Swords reversed, Gold, Find your tribe.


The Ace of Swords is a positive card, even when reversed. This is a time of newness, a birth (metaphorical or literal) in your life, (we've had a birth in our family, my husband's niece made her debut on planet earth last week. Welcome little one!) This is a card of awakening and can cause some conflict at first as you move into this new state of awareness, but this conflict is all part of the process in your journey, one of many life lessons.

Your mind is sharp right now, and clear which will help guide you through the darkness like a lighthouse, and the world is indeed a dark place right now as we mourn and grieve collectively. Shine beautiful, shine your light brightly in the dark to inspire others to have the courage to do the same. After the darkest nights, always come brighter days. Justice, truth, and love will prevail.


Gold: Abundance, Abun dance

This color and energy has come up a lot for me today. Gold like the glowing color of the sun reminds us to shine through the darkness, to stay connected to our light.

At one of my earliest personal development trainings, about seventeen years ago, I was taught that “gratitude is they key to abundance.” I didn't really get what that meant fully at the time, but in the nearly two decades since that seed was planted, I have come to learn just how true this is, and what it means.

This beautiful video by David De Los Santos says, “#1 Express Gratitude. Never let the things you WANT make you forget about the things you HAVE.”

What I have experienced personally is that when I'm in a space of want, I lose sight of what I have. I find myself in a space of lack. Focusing on what we don't have can easily and quickly become a downward spiral, especially if we complain or gossip and involve others who may join us in this negativity.

The quickest way to turn this around is through gratitude, specifically a gratitude practice.

The easiest way, and what I personally did was start a gratitude journal. Write down 3-5 things you are grateful for every day. Anytime you feel like you have less than, or find yourself wanting, focus on what you have.

I've kept a gratitude journal for several years now. Doing this literally transformed my thinking.

Now anytime I find myself frustrated with wanting something I don't have, I immediately shift my focus to being grateful for what I do have. In case I forgot or I'm having a hard time remembering or seeing the blessings, I can refer back to my gratitude journal.
Gratitude is more than just saying thanks, it's much more than words, it's feeling thankful in our hearts.

We are all so blessed, with incredible abundance. Sometimes you just have to take a moment to notice.

Say a prayer of thanksgiving.

Abundance is your birthright.


Surround yourself with people who get you, who love you, uplift, support and encourage you and have the strength and courage to be there for you if the proverbial shit hits the fan. Always remember that you  are loved are NOT alone.

AND, just a little self- love reminder, always remember to give yourself the exquisite love, devotion and kindness that you give to others. Let go of expectations and truly love others as they are as well.

Bonus!!! I had the opportunity to meet with a friend and member of my online community in person today.  We had a fun adventure through our neighboring beach town which included discovering a magical used book store, and a super cool beachfront coffee shop.

We then explored her beautiful card deck, the Secret Language of Animal Oracle Cards: Endangered Voices of Mother Earth, by Chip Richards which is absolutely stunning (I put it on my Amazon wish-list!) at a picnic table near the beach. It was so fun to share in exploring this gorgeous deck together and seeing the messages that came up through each beautiful, colorful image.

This card: Black Cockatoo fit so perfectly with today's reading I had to add it to our post!

The message that came up for me is to have the confidence to live and communicate with honesty and kindness to cultivate meaningful relationships.

We learned black cockatoos mate for life and are excellent communicators. The male takes great care of his female partner while she sits on their eggs. They are fascinating and beautiful birds with a powerful message for us, whether it be romantic, friendships, or family relationships, they require mutual care-taking to be successful.

This card encourages us to not be so focused on our dreams that we lose sight of the fact that everyone has a dream, and to find out how we can be of support to others on their journey.

My friend shared that we should as how we can support those we love on their journey? How can we support them in achieving their dreams?

Don't be afraid to reach out and ask. If my friend hadn't reached out to me, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to share a magical day with her today and to receive this extra insight to share for our reading this week.

In love, light & magic today and always,




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