Weekly Oracle/Tarot Reading & Intuitive Insights for 4-25-2016 to 5-2-2016

Hello divine kreative. I'm so honored to bring you this beautiful reading. This reading literally jumped out of the deck at me.

I was asking specifically for guidance in regards to relationships as my husband and I recently experienced a big challenge in our lives. This reading was so powerful, I knew I had to share it with you. When each of these cards appeared I felt a strong sense of hope, and that today was indeed a new beginning (ace of pentacles). I feel a great sense of optimism as well, which empowers me to truly let go of the past, as recent as yesterday and as far back as many years, and to truly embrace this moment, this new day, and week.

Relationships can be our greatest challenges in life, especially when it comes to our closest relationships, our family, and our intimate partners, friends, colleagues.

I have been blessed to have an amazing relationship with my husband, we met when he was only 21 and we've shared 9 amazing, challenging, intense, beautiful years together. Thanks to maturity on both of our parts (his especially) we've been able to navigate the challenges from a place of truly being kind, compassionate, and doing our best to see things from each others perspective.

Doing this has allowed us to weather many storms together, always coming out stronger as a unified force instead of losing our love, and the relationship and life we've poured our hearts and souls into for nearly a decade.

Ace of Pentacles:  The wild unknown Tarot deck by Kim Krans

This card felt like a huge sigh of relief the moment I saw it. Just as a tiny sprout can grow from the dying trunk of the once large tree that once stood in it's place, you too and your relationship can grow from this place, even if what it once was, is dying or dead. Death is not necessarily a bad thing, death is a transformation. Where does your relationship with others or yourself need transforming?

It can be hard especially in relationships to let go of the past, anger, and resentments and to find forgiveness, empathy, and understanding your heart. However, letting go is truly the only way that's possible for you and your relationship to heal. It is the only way to treat this day as new, and embrace the unlimited possibilities before you.

We are deeply supported by the intensity of the full moon this past week as well, the energy is still at work. Letting go and releasing takes a great deal of energy and as Mercury retrograde joins the other four planets already in retrograde, the message coming up is one of being present, being still, and slowing way, way down. Don't push yourself harder than you need to right now, it won't accomplish what you want it too and it will only lead you to burnout and exhaustion.

Let go of what hurt you. Let go of any residual pain, resentments, conflict, and misunderstandings you are feeling. Open your heart. It's a new beginning my love, truly. It's yours for the taking and you deserve it.


If you're in a relationship, I want you to take yourself out, as mentioned above, that is the primary message here. It's time you take care of you. Fill that bucket of self love to overflowing and then share that love with your significant other. Once you've had your date with yourself, now you have energy to give to making a date with your partner. Encourage your partner to make a date with themselves as well, I know this can feel strange at first, (my husband is an introvert though and he relishes time alone) but work on it.

It takes time for any new activity to become a habit, but this is a habit worth forming. Put it on your calendars and make it non-negotiable. Put the kids to bed early, or better yet get a sitter. Carve out some time to really be present with one another. Turn off the T.V. and distractions, don't go to a movie, make this time about connecting on every level, emotionally, spiritually and of course physically too!

The physical area in relationships can often be neglected in our busy schedules especially when there are children in our lives, but make it a priority! Schedule in sex, and make it non-negotiable. Communicate your wants and needs with one another and work on it. Even if you're tired or don't think you're in the mood, that will likely change once you and your partner start getting busy!!

If you need any help or support in this area, I am a relationship coach, too! Be sure to reach out to me.

Celebrate your love by carving out space dedicated to growing and nurturing it, first for yourself, and second with your partner. I can think of almost nothing more worthy of celebrating, than love.


This is the first time I've pulled the Temperance card. I was immediately drawn to the magical feeling, that glowing star on the woman's forehead, the two powerful animals, a bald eagle and a lion facing off over a steaming cauldron. The women is combining two elements, fire and water.

Temperance reminds us to remain calm, to reconcile opposites, something that relationships often do for us, they create the dynamic of opposites attracting and balancing one another. My husband Hiram and I are beautifully complementary opposites, we are truly yin and yang, and by experiencing the balancing of our two opposites, we find peace, harmony and bliss in our relationship with one another and our lives.

If you're experiencing a conflict with yourself or in your relationship with your significant other, this card reminds us to reconcile that peacefully through honest communication. Remember to be accountable and avoid blaming the other person for how you feel. Blame leads to resentment.

Compassion, communication and cooperation are the keys to reconciling any conflict you are facing right now. Channel the energy of this temperance card, bringing together two powerful opposing forces to create peace. Keep energy flowing through communication, it's so important to be honest about how you feel, but in order to resolve any conflict you must also be patient, and objective too, weigh in all the factors, facts and feelings to find the balance you desire.


Pink, Let love in

A lovely way to end our reading all about love and relationships, with the color Pink, let love in!

Tap into the color and energy of pink this week, let love in to your life, self-love, and love to and from others. Open your heart and create the space to receive. Eat some pink foods, pink bubblegum is a nostalgic favorite, maybe a delicious fruit, like pink grapefruit, watermelon or go more exotic and try some dragon fruit or a cactus pear fruit! They grow locally here in Florida so we can get cactus fruit when they are in season.

Wear pink, especially the men out there, be brave and do it, pink is not just for the ladies, my friends! Pink is for everyone and pink is one of the Pantone colors for 2016! Embrace the complexity of this color that can be so soft and yet intensely passionate too. Stop and smell pink flowers, take a photo of your favorite! Please share below. What does the color pink smell like? Feel like?

Does this reading resonate with you? Share in the comments below! You never know how your story may inspire.

I wish you love this week and always.

Love, light & magic



PS- these beautiful crystal hearts are tiger's eye, and rose quartz.  Tiger's eye is a more grounding, earthy, creative, masculine energy and the rose quartz is a very soft, feminine, loving energy.  I use these to balance male/female energy and for meditation and magical spells for relationships.  This past week I have slept with both of them under my pillow every night.  I purchased both of these beauties from Jessica of Jess Kay Designs.