Tarot, Color & Intuitive Insights 7-5-2016


Hello courageous, kreative, spiritual adventurer!

Hard to believe it's been two weeks since our last reading. In some ways time is going by slower than ever because I'm making the effort to be truly present each moment lasts longer and I'm fully savoring it, but it also seems to fly by when I look back on it and I'm astonished at where the time has gone.

My son's already been back in Utah almost a month and it seems like just yesterday I was driving him to the airport.

Time is a fascinating illusion.

We've been enjoy watching Raven grow up right before our eyes. It seems like he has doubled in size on the two weeks he's been bringing so much joy, laughter and love into our lives. He is unbelievably smart for his age, I'm always being blown away not only by his cuteness but by his intelligence and of course what could be a cuter than a kitten when he plays? Not much I'll tell you! I heart kitties (even when they're all grown up,  I heart big kitties, too!)

Raven, approximately 10 weeks.

Raven, approximately 10 weeks.

He's growing so fast and filling out nicely. He loves my bed.

He's growing so fast and filling out nicely. He loves my bed.

How was your holiday weekend for those of you celebrating Independence Day? Did you set any intentions with the full moon in Cancer yesterday?

On Sunday, I went to one of my favorite places here in Flagler county (where I live) for a beautiful picnic and brunch.

The sky was so incredibly beautiful. It was really hot outside so I'm glad I got an early start to enjoy some time relaxing in nature before I headed back home to retreat from the humidity and heat, and snuggle with my fur babies (in front of the T.V. in the air conditioning.)

I am very thankful for air conditioning on these hot summer days in Florida.

Flagler County Florida

Flagler County Florida


The Emperor, a father-figure, the male aspect to the Empress card which represents the female aspect. The Emperor is yang energy to the Empresses yin. This father-figure can be a literal person in your life or those aspects in yourself.

In this card The Emperor is a stoic, tall, tree (I feel he is an evergreen tree) extending into the heavens where the sun shines down upon him.

What do you think of when you think of a strong male role model? If you didn't have a strong male role model in your life feel free to draw from your imagination of how you would like one to be or from a novel, television show, or movie.

One of my favorite male role model's from television is the fictional character Tony Micelli from Who's the Boss? Played by Tony Danza.

Tony Micelli's character is a single dad raising a young daughter on his own and a former professional athlete who becomes a live-in housekeeper for a successful advertising executive Angela Bowers (played by Judith Light.)

I grew up watching this show, and Tony Micelli's exemplifies a strong, reliable male role model and father figure. He was protective (sometimes too overprotective) but at the end of the day he was strong, reliable, and always there for his daughter Samantha (played by Alyssa Milano.)

Micelli was loving, upbeat, positive, fun-loving, energetic and always seemed to look on the bright side in any situation. He had a great smile that could light up a room and always seemed to know how to cheer someone up that was feeling down. He's the kind of guy I'd want in my corner!

(Sidenote: I also loved that in this show they challenged gender stereotypes, a man as a live-in housekeeper to a woman who was the “bread-winner.” It was very progressive for the time!)

Bring the energy of the father-figure, The Emperor into your life. You are strong, practical, stable and clear and know what actions to take next.  You have the ambition and determination to take those actions to bring forth your visions into reality. You are strong, reliable and can see your vision through.

This card represents your power, your ability to have a strong foundation for yourself and your life and achieve success. This can apply to your business or your home and family.


Bright, happy green just like a tiny sprout of life as a plant emerges from it's seed and pushes harder and harder upwards against gravity until it finally breaks through and begins reaching towards the sun.

This sprout is where the big beautiful tree that is the Emperor began. Hard to believe something so huge like a redwood tree, starts as a tiny seed.

Learn something new. Stretch yourself outside your comfort zone. What is something you've wanted to learn for a long time but haven't given yourself permission to go and do it?

Maybe it's taking cooking lesson, learning a foreign language, scuba diving, whatever has been in your heart or on your mind to learn to do, now's the time. Make it happen.

You never know what doors this can open for you. New adventures, friendships, community and for those of you out there seeking a partner to share this life with, perhaps you may meet that special someone while learning what could become your favorite new hobby! Get out there and enjoy life!

There is so much to learn.  Be like that tiny sprout pushing through the earth, you too are an unstoppable force! Most importantly have fun! Learning doesn't have to be hard or boring so make sure to get out of your head if these kind of thoughts are bringing you down.

Embrace this color in your life as you start learning something new, it will support you through the process. Wear this color in your clothes or make-up, eat this color, I'm getting the feeling something mint flavored would be nice and also refreshing this time of year. (Turns out mint goes great with watermelon. Who knew?! I didn't until now This is now one of my absolute favorite new summer recipes. )

Green is also the color of the heart chakra so let this color be a reminder to use your heart not your head if you decisions become difficult or find yourself overwhelmed with what I refer to as paradox of choice (too many choices essentially make you paralyzed to make a decision.)

This used to happen to me a lot, and if it starts to happen again taking a moment to tune into my heart, allows my intuition to guide to what decision I should make.  Now decisions are much, much easier for me. No more paradox of choice.


This reading is about family energy and growth. First with The Emperor and his strong male energy, this time the daughter and a softer, youthful feminine energy.

The cups are the suit of emotions and relationships. The cups are ruled by the element of water. This seems highly appropriate after the full moon in Cancer yesterday, and this month is Cancer, and Cancer is a water sign. Water tends to feel very feminine to me which resonates with the emotional nature of the cups cards as well, especially in this case as it is the daughter.

I grew up in the desert, not completely away from water, I had a view of the Great Salt Lake from my bedroom window—but now I live surrounded by water, the Atlantic and Gulf oceans as well as springs and we even have a creek behind the house and two ponds we can see at the park on the property behind ours.

A friend and fellow coach Claudia Anita asked once on Facebook if where we lived felt more masculine or feminine and why? There was no wrong answers, and I shared that it felt feminine here where I live due to all the water.

Does water feel masculine or feminine to you?

This card represents a little gosling, (or a chick, duckling) young, tender and delicate. The spark of creativity shines brightly within her. Her future is ripe with possibilities but conflicts will prove difficult for her. Approach conflict with kindness and compassion, to inspire others to do the same. Keep in mind being objective and empathize with the other person's point of view.

Choose gentleness, for yourself and others as you move forward in your endeavors, and your personal journey of growth and development. Like a gosling or a sprout, you are ready to grow and become your stronger and higher version of yourself. Enjoy the journey along the way! Like the saying goes, life is a journey not a destination.


Love, light and magic to you always.

Until next time.


Does this reading resonate with you?  I always love to hear from you. Feel free to ask any questions and discuss in the comments below.  Your question might be exactly what someone else needs to hear.

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