Weekly Oracle/Tarot Reading & Intuitive Insights for 6-21-2016 to 7-5- 2016

This week's reading: Ten of Pentacles, Wise Owl and You are awesome.

I'm excited about our reading for the next couple of weeks. With the busyness (and sometimes restfulness) of summer I may only be updating bi-weekly. I'm working on several projects right now as well as taking time away from work to spend with my family during these long magical, summer days.

My apologies our reading is late this week Kreatives!

How was your summer solstice and full moon? Did you charge your crystals? I did! I enjoyed the most glorious staycation with my husband last week, cuddling, snuggling and loving on our newest addition to our family. We also had the opportunity to meet a dear online friend of mine and her sweet husband in person for the first time ever. I bought a new crystal that I charged in the solstice moonlight. It has been an amazing week.

My hubby and I had plans to go on a trip to West Florida this weekend, but finances dictated it was best to reschedule some time in the future. We then decided to do a camping trip here locally, but turns out the weather wasn't going to cooperate, 100% chance rain on Saturday and 80% on Sunday and to top it off the spot we wanted wasn't available, it was clear to us it wasn't meant to be so we canceled those plans as well.

We opted instead to have a much needed and well deserved staycation at home. At first we had planned on doing some projects that we needed to do but I've been having some mysterious health challenges the past few months that had gotten particularly difficult the weekend before so we we decided that some R&R would be good for us both.

Friday night the beginning of our staycation, my husband and I took a path we don't usually walk just around sunset, about 8:00 p.m. Just as we came around the corner of a busy intersection and passed one long-term vacant house (it's been vacant over three years now) and approached the empty lot next to it, a tiny kitten popped out of the woods in response to our voices.

Seeing him literally took my breathe away. He was so tiny and cute. He came up to us, but not quite close enough we could touch him. I walked further away from the busy street as he seemed to respond to my voice and try to follow me.

It only took a moment of talking to him before he came close enough to let me touch him. He then rolled onto his back and let me rub his tiny tummy. From there he stayed near me and allowed me to pick him up. I was a little afraid to pick him up for fear he might get scared and scratch or bite me, but instead he he became limp in my hands and purred with the loudest purr I think I've ever heard on a kitten.

The moment he was in my arms, I knew I could not leave him there. He snuggled me while I carried him on our busy street to our home.

We took this little guy home intending to feed, care for and foster him until we could find him a new home. He is too thin, his tiny bones stick out and he was so terribly hungry (he will never be hungry again.) He is covered in scars, but he is smart (he chose us after all) and he is a survivor! We have no idea how long he's been living in that abandoned lot or how he got there. We think he was about 8 weeks old.

We had decided we weren't going to have any more pets as we already have 3 cats and 1 dog, but it seems the universe had other plans. Side note: I have always wanted a black cat, so I find it fascinating this little guy is a mostly black cat!

It was apparent to us immediately that he was meant to be with us, this little guy wasn't going anywhere. He adores both my husband and me and has quickly made himself at home here. He has completely stolen our hearts and has made us so happy. We enjoyed our long weekend with lots of kitty cuddles, snuggles and laughter. We are so grateful he has come into our lives.

Now if our other furbabies will come around. So far our sweet eldest kitty Sushi (she's 11) has accepted his presence here peacefully but they are not exactly “friends” yet, and our twins (6) and our dog (7) not so much. S'Bastian is afraid of him (he's such a silly cat!) Rogue our alpha female wants to kill him, and my dog Naiyah switches between curiosity, fear, and wanting to hunt him! Oh boy!

With patience, time and proper (and safe) introductions we know they will come around in time. There is room here for us all and he's here to stay. We're thrilled to have him as part of our family.  

Introducing: Raven


What a cozy looking castle?! That loving, royal looking couple appears very content on this perfect spring day, surrounded by flowers, beautiful blue skies and fluffy clouds as hand in hand the lovers approach their home. This card speaks to me of stability, the comforts of home, and the satisfaction that comes with having earned something substantial and meaningful. In our society owning a home is is something that takes a lot of time, patience, work, planning, earning and savings. This card represents abundance, and security as well as having earned or created something substantial and meaningful, this is your legacy metaphorically or literally and just like a home (which is our castle) that can be our legacy to leave behind for future generations.


Deep, dark purple. The color of royalty, and of spirit, intuition, wisdom and inner knowledge. Be mindful of this color in your life right now to serve and support you as you celebrate creating and achieving your legacy. Stay tuned to the higher power and purpose behind your actions. Blueberries inside appear to me to be dark purple, grapes (especially dark purple grape juice.) Wear the color anyway that resonates with you. I have several dark purple decorations I keep near my bed as I love this color (one of my favorites) and like to keep it close. Also crystals—dark purple amethyst is always a good crystal to have around especially when Wise Owl comes up in a reading. I have my favorite new crystal freshly charged from the summer solstice full moon. This is also a great crystal to wear, you can't go wrong with amethyst.  


Well this card speaks for itself doesn't it? And it is SO true! You are awesome. Make sure to really appreciate yourself these next couple of weeks. Indulge in self-care, and make it non-negotiable! Incorporating stay-cations into my life is now part of my divine self-care and is non-negotiable. My hubby and I didn't realize just how much we needed some time to just relax at home, without cleaning, chores, or projects until we did it. It felt great! Celebrate yourself, and all that you are. There is no one else on earth like you and the greatest gift you can give to yourself and this world is to be YOU.

Shine your light creative, by courageously shining your light, the divine spark that you are, you will inspire others to do the same. The world needs you.

Love, light and magic to you always.

Until next time.


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