Sharing truly is caring, and i love to share the brands/products i use and believe in.  anything shared here is someone or something i personally love and believe in.  

**Please note I do not guarantee any of the products or services listed below. Use your best judgement and research before signing up for a service, or purchasing a product.**


i am Not affiliated but the following are some of the online shops/sites/artists I love and recommend:

Dean Couser Art  I adore his animal/insect water color painting and prints. He captures the essence, spirit and color of the beings.  Check out his shop on Etsy.  I bought a print of one of my animal spirits that  hangs above my desk for creative inspiration and a divine reminder. 

Jess Kay Designs Beautiful  (eco-conscious) jewelry and crystals. I love buying heart shaped rose quartz crystals from Jess to gift to my friends.

Cyrstals Jess Kay Designs.jpg

Grace Anchor For my birthday in 2016 I purchased my beautiful labradorite pendant from Grace Anchor.  It is stunning as are their other elegant hand set semi-precious gemstone jewelry.