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I write about how you can have a happy, healthy, romantic relationship based on my experience studying relationships for more than two decades and my own personal growth journey as a two-time, happily divorced, relationship coach.

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Do you want to have a happy healthy relationship?

It is possible to have the happy, healthy, romantic relationship you desire and deserve. You are an active creator of your life, reality, and, yes, your romantic relationship.


how to get the happy, healthy relationship you really want!

If we hold a vision in our minds and hearts of what a healthy romantic relationship looks like to us, what we would like to feel and experience in a healthy romantic relationship, we have a much better chance at creating it.


What is self care and why is it the “secret sauce” to having a happy, healthy relationship?

Self-care is the proverbial “secret sauce” in having in happy, healthy romantic relationships. You know, that special something like the secret sauce on your favorite burger (or veggie burger)? That’s what self-care is in relationships.


the three words that will change your romantic relationship and your life.

You can’t attract the kind of happy, healthy relationship you deserve if you don’t feel you are worthy of having it. Three simple words will transform the way you feel about yourself and transform your romantic relationship, and your life. This is the magic of relationship alchemy, I help women magically transform their romantic relationships by transforming themselves.


these two things will make you emotionally invincible in your romantic relationship.

There is something that can make you emotionally invincible in your romantic relationship, it protects you in a way nothing else can, without keeping you from having the closeness you desire in your romantic relationship. You’ll be surprised at just how simple it is. If you don’t already know this prepare to have your mind blown!


Why are personal values important in romantic relationships?

Knowing how you want to feel and what your values are are two powerful ways you can intentionally create a successful life and a happy, healthy romantic relationship.  How do you want to feel?


boundaries are essential for a happy, healthy relationship.

Having, communicating, and enforcing your boundaries when needed, is essential to have the happy, healthy romantic relationship you deserve with your partner.


two deceptively simple words to end any fight.

Saying you’re right is an acknowledgment. It is being mature, loving and taking the higher ground. It is giving your partner the space to be seen and heard. It allows your partner to feel how they feel because feelings are never wrong.


Forgiveness part 1

Being unable to forgive keeps us prisoners to the past, making it so we are unable to move on. We need to learn from the past experience so we can keep from making the same choices again.